As of current, we produce YouTube shows on classic metal, vintage vinyl, and new releases as well under The Accusation Network banner.

Our main show is The Vinyl Reacquisition Project and is hosted by Matt G. Paradise, focusing on some of his vintage albums purchased that month, including album details, band facts, personal stories connected to the records and plenty of fun. Also included is a spotlight on a more modern release.

Check out our other show playlists, too!

Short Cuts
An informal chat about record albums not necessarily covered on The Vinyl Reacquisition Project. Less produced, no script, more conversational.
MGP Reacts!
You like reaction videos? Like the content we produce? Imagine a combination of the two and that’s MGP Reacts!
The Record Store Report
MGP visits record stores! Come along for a tour of the shop, interviews with owners, managers and clerks, where to find new arrivals and, of course, a look at the METAL SECTION!
The Best of VRP
Clips from various episodes of VRP brought together as themed mini-episodes. Great for sampling the main show or just to rewatch in a different context.
Q&A With MGP
If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! Want to know something about classic metal, vintage vinyl, retro culture or how that relates to me personally? Go ahead and ask!
Specials and Vlogs
Occasionally, we produce specials and other one-offs associated with our shows and related content. You’ll find those right here.

In addition, we now offer Premium Content through Patreon. To access shows such as Purging Talon Rewind, Purging Talon After Dark, MGP Audio Journal, The Flipside, The Propaganda Platform, Terror Transmission and other content, visit our Patreon page at…

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