Are you looking for an experience beyond limits? Wanting to become an explorer in the further regions? Let’s face it: Are you a bit kinky… and THEN SOME? Well, here at Terror Transmission, we’re waiting to hoist you upon the proverbial hooks by means of our puzzling commentary on 1987’s Hellraiser. Demons? Angels? None of that will matter while you lament the punishment of film details, shoulder pads, Jason meeting Captain Kangaroo, sexual beach assaults, the multifaceted gem of deception, modern primitives, and other topics from two libertines who definitely have some disturbing sights to show you. Now, you must come with us. Taste our drunken, debauched, foul-mouthed pleasures.

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One thought on “TT66: Hellraiser

  1. I definitely agree with your assessment that this is the last great film of the 80s

    This probably has a lot to do with the fact that Barker is the only other author I know of who can compete with HPL in terms of myth-making on an even footing.

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