TT42: The War of the Worlds

The war machines have come to conquer the Earth. Mayhem, havoc, and death will descend upon the planet’s inhabitants and few will survive to tell the tale. Like Matt and Jason, of course. They’re special. And they’ll be riding that short bus alongside you as they reveal their chilling commentary on 1953’s The War of the Worlds. So, get your head out of Uranus and listen up as M&J pulsate with adoration for Ann Robinson, and also instruct you on alien cover-ups, hot librarians, the stupidity of self-sacrifice, Jason’s feminist views, and other data on surviving a Martian invasion. When the radiation has dropped to acceptable levels, you will then be taken to the debriefing room by your handsome hosts for their rundown on newly-watched DVDs. Let the wave of fear begin!

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7 thoughts on “TT42: The War of the Worlds

  1. So it turns out that Chesley Bonestell’s last name is actually pronounced as Bonn-eh-stell. Par for the effing course, eh? And that Edith Head appearance I was thinking of is actually from an episode of Columbo from 1973 called “Requiem for a Falling Star” with Anne Baxter and Kevin McCarthy. That Micro Machines guy is John Moschitta Jr. and he evidently had a career way beyond his couple years of television commercials. Here is a link…,_Jr.
    Whatever… he’ll always be the motor-mouthed micro machine guy to me.

    Thanks for listening, now go read the book!!

  2. You should tell your gal pal that you also don’t know the difference between a Page Boy and a Poodle cut. She’ll get a kick out of it, for obvious reasons.

    I mean, sheesh, EVERYONE knows the names of all the ’50s hairstyles for women! You’ve even worn many wigs of them in our pics.

    Next, you’ll tell me that Mary Janes and saddle shoes are the same thing. Oy vey!

  3. I’m sorry….still listening. Love it so far, BUT……the Apartment? With Robert Redford and Jane Fonda?

    I’m going to guess someone got the Apartment mixed with Barefoot in the Park? I’m hoping so, at least.

    Blessed be Arness.

  4. If I may make a suggestion to you fine gentlemen, try and find the WKBW radio version of WOTW. It’s really a wonderful adaptation of the 1938 play.

  5. Yeah. That was me.

    You, sir, possess a far superior knowledge of ’60s romantic comedy than I could ever aspire to. You have shamed even the most Meg Ryan-savvy amongst our listenership. Kudos to you, Mr. Retro Chick-Flick!

    You had me at “I’m sorry.”

  6. I’d prefer to think I was a fan of the works of Neil Simon, since your description makes my mangina ache.

  7. Hey, TJ! I just finished up listening to that WKBW adaptation which some Wonderful Being was generous enough to post on YouTube. Thank you, Wonderful Being, and thank ‘ewe’ Senor Lamb for the wise recommendation for such an interesting slice of curious and meritorious history. It is fascinating to me that even in the ‘enlightened’ era of ’68 the broadcast still managed to unintentionally hoodwink so many local yokels into reckoning on it’s ostensible veracity. What an ignorant herd of schmucks people are, huh? Maybe stupidity spreads exponentially (like herpes) and that explains some of where we’re at today, but I digress. This radio-drama was superbly updated to the times and was shockingly effective, especially in the bit where the crestfallen reporter relays the information on the deaths of his comrades. Excellence!

    Oh, and Matt (just to prove I know the difference) a Page Boy is that kid in the hotel who gets me my hookers and blow and a Poodle Cut is a Cambodian delicacy usually served with fava beans and a nice Chianti. So nyah!

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