Welcome to the Tanz Academy, where strange colors and gruesome murders await you. Your first class of the day will be a real killer, so take notes because the instructors will be giving commentary on the 1977 Italian gorefest, Suspiria. You might have come to learn ballet, but you’ll instead get lots of film details, lewd observations, various subtexts revealed, and an uncomfortable amount of ridicule aimed at the most unfortunate of folks. And if that’s not enough… it’s got Udo Kier! After the feature, stick around for the usual chatter from Matt and Jason on what they’ve recently seen on DVD. Sure beats meeting up with… THE LIVING DEAD!

Goblin | Intro to Italian Cinema | MGP on Salo | Nikolai Volkoff | Rubens: The Damned | Jessica Harper | Segway To Woz | Mongoloids: Not From Outer Space | Dye, Dye My Transfer | 69, 69, 69, 69… | Dark Shadows: Joan Bennett | Udo’s Distaste For Whore Blood | Come On Down To Bouzouki World | Krimi Time | Slow Hand | Argentum | There’s Always Room For Giallo | Kabbalah | The Confessions of an English Opium Eater

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7 thoughts on “TT22: Suspiria

  1. Finally got a chance to listen to this and the J.C. Thing episode today. Great stuff as usual.

    Glad to hear you guys aren’t bashing Inferno, like so many Argentophiles are wont to do nowadays.

    Now that you guys have done a Bava and an Argento, can a Fulci flick be that far away?

  2. Fulci who?

    Nah, just kidding, RW, we indeed will be covering the Gore Maestro in the near future. The only question is which of his films to pick first? House of Clocks? Demonia? Door Into Darkness? Well, considering that those all suck maybe we should start with something involving a little zombie mayhem and a hung priest… or shall it be interminably slow fake spiders and a throat gnashing? Eyeball punctures? A murderous Florinda Bolkan? A tomb with a view? The mind boggles… stay tuned!

  3. That’s the problem with popping the TT Fulchi cherry, where to begin!

    And speaking gorehounds Italiano, did you pick up the new CothLD disc? The print is supposed to be a vast improvement over all of the previous editions.

  4. I have yet to pick up the new City of the Living Dead disc, but as it is one of my all time favorites it is only a matter of time (and price decrease). It is one of the few non-animated films I would even consider getting on Blu-ray as I have heard that the transfer is striking. There is just nothing quite as wonderful as seeing a hung priest in crystalline clarity (unless, of course, you’re an altar boy!)

  5. I have just listened to your podcast on Suspiria and would really like to offer praise for such a superb review and analysis . I found this podcast to be informative, humorous and totally absorbing and being a lifelong fan of the horror genre – a real treat. I would love to hear a commentary on ‘Deep Red’ (surely Argento’s definitive work ?) and a host of other movies that I dare not exhaust you with (although sneakily I will mention The Wicker Man (Robin Hardy version not the abortion of a remake) and Radley Metzgers’ ‘The Image’ – two of my personal favorites). Please keep up your sterling endeavors that I am certain is keeping a legion of horror,exploitation and ‘fringe’ cinema fans in crimson bliss! I will donate in time in order you can purchase a decent bottle of Burgundy for your next review, it’s not as heady as a Bordeaux but just slightly more sophisticated. Au revoir mes amis sages, Jamie

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Monsieur Hotfoot!

    We wrestled with the idea of doing Deep Red before Suspiria, but in the end we simply picked our personal favorite to start with. Rest assured, we will indeed be getting around to Deep Red (and The Wicker Man) in the next calendar year, as well as a host of other worthy flicks. The horizons are indeed a glorious shade of crimson in Terror Transmission Land!

    By the way, we love the idea of Burgundy in our Bellies! I am going to spend two weeks there next July to sample the local “culture”, so it would be a splendid way to get A Taste of Things to Come.

    Either way, we are tickled pink to have you aboard the TT Wagon Train! Welcome to our world, Monsieur!

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