Once more, the terror comes from the skies. But, this time, it’s personal. And you’re going to need some serious help in order to avoid a bloody and violent alien assimilation. So, grab a parka and a flamethrower, and listen closely to our commentary on the 1982 body horror known as The Thing. The plan of attack includes extensive details on the film, personal anecdotes, and enough inappropriate humor to warm up all of your hypothermic limbs. Once the objective is met, you’ll meet back at base for Matt and Jason’s latest DVD viewings. No, we’re NOT f**king kidding! Tune in!

The Thing – Introduction by John Carpenter | Wild Kingdom | Rob Bottin | Morricone’s Thing | Brimley’s Dirty “Diabeetis” | Super-duper-stition | You’re Placing That Product WHERE? | Defibamarumalator | Are You On Goofballs? | Dracula Sucks | Keith David | This Link Brought To You By J&B | Your Piercing Is Gay | Everyone Gets Fed At The Donner Party | Turn Up The DIO | Dark Horse’s Thing | Sonny Bellavance

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5 thoughts on “TT21: The Thing

  1. Great Commentary! Stoked to have found Terror Transmission! I’ve listen to this, HalloweenIII, and Friday the 13th. Next up, The Howling and on to Re-Animator. Would dig it if you could do The Fog, Dead and Buried, and Strange Behavior. Thanks for the show…

  2. Welcome to the show (like I’m somehow involved in it)!

    You HAVE to listen to Them! and the Thing From the Other World just to learn the shocking truth about James Arness and his….thyroid condition.

  3. All great suggestions, Wally, and every one of those flicks is on the list of potential coverage for the near future. In the meantime I think our upcoming line-up will delight you with your ostensible love of 70s and 80s grand-guignol. Rest assured, Matt and I have veritable Rivers of Blood to wade through before we are done!

    It is always great to hear from a new listener, Wally, especially a fervent admirer! Thanks for writing in and stay dark, my man!

  4. Great film and commentary guys. But you’ve changed your format (maybe you’re talking a lot more) and midway in your presentation you indicate it is wiser to view/listen separately the film and commentary. I found I would cue in to you guys because of interesting stuff you’re saying and miss dialogue in the film. So, I did as you suggest and find that the best way to enjoy both. Nice work on this – I’d seen the original “The Thing” but not this remake but contrary to most remakes this one is really good! And you’re right – awsome effects.

  5. Hi, these commentaries have been unavailable, across all sites. For years. I’m still dying to listen to them. Will they ever? Should i just stop checking?

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