“Prepare to be challenged. Most people will not like this podcast from the start. Those are the people who need it most. This podcast challenges ideas that are held as sacred and rightfully destroys them.”

– smylex

“The Accusation Party dissects the decadent mindset of totalitarian leftists and general offenditarians… This is philosophising with a hammer at its finest.”


“If you’re not listening to The Accusation Party every month, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. I highly recommend that you listen to this podcast, for it is absolutely, hands-down the best podcast on the web.”

– Isaac H.

“We dig it.”

– Underworld Amusements

“You might want to be around for this piñata and everything that spills out. Gorge yourself and listen.”

– G. Edwin T.

“Just listened to the first episode. Why wasn’t I given the trigger warning I deserve?”

– Ryan V.

“…l’m glad to have found this new show, which calls B.S. on the thinking that has run amok in our culture, breeding entitled little ‘victims’ wherever you look. The host is extremely articulate and a good curator of material that bolsters his viewpoint… Looking forward to hearing more.”

– arotolo

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