Buenos tacos, Terror Fiends! Get on your burros and ride the hard road to Hell as Matt and Jason preach the unholy commentary gospel of 1977’s Alucarda. Blood will flow and nipples will harden as your handsome hosts bring you glorious blasphemy through movie facts, tequila, half-naked sellers of gum, bacon-wrapped nuns, blind sex partner fantasies, girl/girl discovery, Christianity as death-worshipping cult, the fashion risks of cloak-wearing, true freedom of speech and other freaky gypsy trinkets. Ave Diablo!

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Hold onto your horns! Because Matt and Jason will be swigging Danish beer and getting all of the nuns aroused with their heretical commentary on the 1922 silent classic, Häxan. Demons and witches will encircle you and fill you with all sorts of naughty thoughts, including those on Christian misdeeds throughout history, reality shows, Jason’s skinhead side, dead baby jokes, wild women, the magic of silent films, and other delicious iniquities. Once the diabolical history lesson is over, your handsome hosts will return to discuss their recent DVD viewings. Witchy!

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The battle for the minds of Terror Fiends will be fought in the video arena, and Matt and Jason will serve as your retina, your television, and your raw experience as they comment upon the 1983 body horror, Videodrome. The podcast is now the physical structure of your brains and, therefore, whatever appears on the podcast will be your reality: the behind-the-scenes movie details, the Blondie worship, the copious bottles of beer, the “freaky stuff” and the horror DVD discussion to follow — all fall within your mind’s eye. But be careful. It bites!

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