Rising from the pit of darkness comes the maddening sound of organ playing, each note struck as a glorious clarion call for revenge. Soon, murder fills the mind of the organist, and there is only one refrain to his dirge: as nine killed his wife, so nine must die. You might say he’s abhorrent, but we know him as The Abominable Dr. Phibes. As each wax effigy burns, Matt and Jason will take you through this 1971 payback tale, bringing you plenty about American International Pictures, Vincent Price, various Satanic connections in this film, personal musings, and how not to panic after spilling red wine on an off-white carpet. It’s like a magical drunken ride on a catapulted brass unicorn. Yes, it is THAT awesome. So, tune in or spend an eternity… in DOOM!

American International Pictures | Uncle Dale | No, Not Wes Craven’s Shocker | You’ve Been Coop’d | Initial Public Offering | How To Clean Red Wine Spills | No, Not THAT Peter Gilmore | But, Yes, THAT Church of Satan | All Work And No Plague… | Creeping Death | I’d Stick My Head In That | Lynn-Holly Johnson: For Matt’s Eyes Only | Coney Island of the 1940s | Dick Clark: Not Dead Yet | Deke Heyward | Robert Fuest

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Welcome to the Tanz Academy, where strange colors and gruesome murders await you. Your first class of the day will be a real killer, so take notes because the instructors will be giving commentary on the 1977 Italian gorefest, Suspiria. You might have come to learn ballet, but you’ll instead get lots of film details, lewd observations, various subtexts revealed, and an uncomfortable amount of ridicule aimed at the most unfortunate of folks. And if that’s not enough… it’s got Udo Kier! After the feature, stick around for the usual chatter from Matt and Jason on what they’ve recently seen on DVD. Sure beats meeting up with… THE LIVING DEAD!

Goblin | Intro to Italian Cinema | MGP on Salo | Nikolai Volkoff | Rubens: The Damned | Jessica Harper | Segway To Woz | Mongoloids: Not From Outer Space | Dye, Dye My Transfer | 69, 69, 69, 69… | Dark Shadows: Joan Bennett | Udo’s Distaste For Whore Blood | Come On Down To Bouzouki World | Krimi Time | Slow Hand | Argentum | There’s Always Room For Giallo | Kabbalah | The Confessions of an English Opium Eater

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The curse of Satan has been placed. And only Matt and Jason can aid you in removing the killing mask and avenging your bloodline through their commentary on the 1960 Bava classic, Black Sunday (also known as The Mask of Satan). It’s like a succulent Italian feast of evil, but with some perversion and vampirism sprinkled on top. Oh, sweet Barbara Steele’s cleavage, it is delicious! After your gruesome meal, stay tuned for M&J’s recent DVD viewings, and a new listener contest giveaway. Que bella!

Ultra-Lounge | Jimmies | Sleepless Nights | Like Bava, Like Son | Like Feeding Peplum To A Baby | Mussolini’ s Got Movies | Blood and Black Lace | A-Z of Horror: Barbara Steele | V: The Original Mini-Disaster | How Many Versions of Caligula? | All The Colors of the Dark | Fumetti With Meatballs, Please | History of Fake Boobies | Giallo | Cheryl Ladd: Bikini Machine | NECROFASCIST

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Dust off your terry cloth bathrobes and eyeball pentacle necklaces because it’s time for Matt and Jason to put on the commentary cheer for the 1977 drive-in devil flick, Satan’s Cheerleaders. Through margarita goggles, M&J relay the finer points of ’70s extracurricular erotica with a cheesy devil-worship edge, going deep into the hirsute jungle in order to tell the tale to you fine pre-verts. After the feature, expect listener mail, contest details, and more. One for all and all for one, Terror Transmission has a ball (or… four)!

NEW: Watch Jason make our episodic drinks and introduce EP15’s guest star!

The Magnificent Greydon Clark | A Bit of the Devil | Sherman on Santa Barbara | Psychic Killer | Leisure Suits | Flange | Yvonne De Carlo | Vader’s Got Soul | Cheerleader Movies | Devil Movies | The Life of Babs | Hamms | Midnight Offerings | Coven | The Ladyboy Is A Tramp | Soft, Moist, and Pinku | Signed By Woz | Santa Ana’s Got The Winds | Hell Of All Hells

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Rising from a century-old grave comes the Count to wreak vengeance, gather his followers, and… party with haughty English mods? Well, not exactly. But Matt and Jason will be haunting the swingin’ streets of London as they comment upon Hammer Film’s attempt to be hip, also known as Dracula A.D. 1972. M&J will be rapping about hot chicks, groovy movie facts, far out personal trips, and then mellowing out with some post-movie chat and listener e-mail. So, open up a vein and hang with some righteous horror cats. Can you dig it?

Hammer Glamour | Belphegor | Matt’s New Calendar | Stoneground | Hot Pants! | Rod Stewart’s Got A Tummy Full of Love | Caroline Munro | Sir Christopher Loves Metal | The Wicker Tree | Korova Milk Bar | Ascot | Poor Devil | Stephanie Beacham | Star Crash | Why Won’t That Double Decker Bus Fall Over? | Brown Sugar | GMT Appreciation Society | Playboy – February 1987 | “Bobby” Peel | Britain’s Big Bad Bite | Which Mountain? | Beyond The Rave

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The masquerade has begun and the attendants will all be wearing RED. And from high atop the castle of Prospero, your two handsome hosts will be regaling you with tales of carnality and chaos as they comment upon the 1964 Poe adaptation, The Masque of the Red Death. Wine will be consumed, bosoms will be ogled, and great thoughts will be… thunk? Yes, it will be a veritable feast of aural pleasure. Just don’t look behind the mask.

Corman Gets His Oscar | Price’s Thriller “Voice Session” | The Black Widow | Theatre of Tragedy | Vlad The Impaler | Quilty | Seance on a Wet Afternoon | Machiavelli | Vincent (1982) | An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe | Return of the Fly – Misfits | The Bal des Ardents | Hazel Court | Baklava? | Balaclava? | American International Pictures | Papa Gino’s | Red Death – The Action Figure | Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | Hell Of All Hells

Bonus link: Vincent Price on The Dating Game

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Gather ’round, kids. It’s time! Time to put on your costumes, stuff your faces full of candy corn, and listen to our creepy commentary for the 1982 Myers-less third entry in a certain famous horror franchise — Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Accept the numbing earworm of the Silver Shamrock commercial jingle as we bring you all of the bizarre, Celtic occultness of one man’s mission to do something really horrible to children via the tapped power of an ancient ritual site of historical note… and computer chips… and rubber masks. Confused? Good, then you’re as ready for this episode as we were. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

The Shatner/Myers Connection | Silver Shampain | Stacey Nelkin | Vinyl Halloween Costumes | OUI | Hot Tubbin’ With Mikey | Coup de Villes | Don Post Masks | Gloria Steinem | Stonehenge | The White Shadow | Reflective Paint | Ted Bundy | Tom Burman | Hell Of All Hells

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Those dashing gents with their bulging horror muscles return with their commentary on Edgar G. Ulmer’s 1934 Lugosi/Karloff match-up, The Black Cat. Learn all about the lurid, censored, diabolical backstory to this Universal “Golden Age” flick. Following the feature, your hosts drink fancy beer, chat horror, and read listener mail.

Edgar G. Ulmer | Aleister Crowley | Hans Poelzig | Ailurophobia | Myths About Black Cats

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Two men. One podcast. Buckets of awesome.

Your handsome hosts bring you the conclusion to their commentary on Rosemary’s Baby, replete with the usual trivia, background, and utterly unrelated details of their sordid but sexy lives.

Peggy Nadramia’s Vodka Blush recipe

Equipment: Cocktail shaker, Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 2 1/2 ounces Vodka, 3/4 ounces freshly-squeezed lime juice (strained), Dash Grenadine

Fill shaker 2/3 with fresh ice. Add ingredients. Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy, and spill a little on the carpet in memory of Minnie and Roman!

Deluge | Monster Bash | A Bit of the Devil | William Castle | Scrabble |
Alias Nick Beal | The Quintessentials

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In this debut episode, your horribly handsome hosts examine the 1968 classic, Rosemary’s Baby. This is part one of that movie’s commentary, with the conclusion happening in Episode 2.

Creature Double Feature | Fangoria | Poor Devil | Church of Satan | The Quintessentials

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