At Pi Kappa Sigma, our girls pledge themselves to service, grow in poise and confidence, keep their sense of values and, on occasion, must deal with a homicidal crank caller or two. Yes, sorority life can be difficult, particularly during the holiday season, and that’s why Matt and Jason wish to ease you into a cheerful position with their morally questionable commentary on 1974’s Black Christmas. Join the sherry-soaked slumber party as your lecherous hosts fill you in on movie background and trivia, Canadian wackiness, perverse squirrels, banana toes, teen-seducing English teachers, telephone drinking games, the gritty ’70s, Olivia’s beautiful hair, race fun, and other stocking stuffers. So, bring your smuggled hooch and your sexy attitudes. We’ll meet you in the attic.

Bob “Porky” Clark | The Horror of Poutine | Black Christmas: The Novel | Oh, Shalit | Learn To Shoot POV | Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things… DUH! | Hello Mindcrime | Yardie-Har-Har | Fellatio-Ho-Ho | Dean Martin on Facebook | I’ve Got Me Some Giallo Fever | Andrea Martin on SCTV | John Saxon | Jason’s NOT In Heavy Metal Parking Lot | Olivia Hussey

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Growing up without a mother can be a painful experience. Particularly, if you eye-witness her decapitation. So, what’s a young man to do but put on a mask and kill all the neighbors! Over and over again. Sure, YOU could do that. Or you could put down the machete and listen to a soothing commentary from two men who know much about poor decision-making — and ’80s horror sequels such as the 1982 hack-n-slasher, Friday The 13th Part 3. Gain strength from the depravity of others as Matt and Jason clue you in on boobies in horror movies, gay porn allusions, the history of 3-D, the effects of bad beer on podcasters, and… hey, look, she’s reading Fango! Either way, it’ll give you something to scream about.

Yes, They STILL Make Olympia Beer | But, Would YOU Drink it? | 3-D Makes Me SICK! | Steve Miner: Not So Popular | Paul’s Not Dead | Your Tube Is The Tops | Little Darlings | Soak If You Got ‘Em | Just… DON’T | Fangoria #13 | Stan Winston | Richard Brooker | View-Master | This Jason Is NOT Kane Hodder | Pulfrich Effect

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You better watch out. You better not cry. You better be careful or you might DIE. Because Santa is coming to slay all of the naughty ones. But if you want to stay out of his Bad Boys and Girls Book, you must pay close attention to our tinsel-tousled commentary on 1980’s Christmas Evil. There’s plenty of spiked egg nog to go around as Matt and Jason sing seasonal songs of movie trivia, cheap toys, scary Xmas myths, serial killers, Fiona Apple, accidental holiday deaths, X-rated cartoons and a few other goodies tucked deep in our sacks. After the festivities, stick around as M&J summarize their latest viewings on DVD. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fright!

Brandon Maggart | I’d Like A Bite of THAT Apple | The good DVD version | Pressman Toy Company | Peter’s Looking Awfully… Black | Krampus Cards For Everyone | I Love A Macy’s Parade! | No Wave | Office Xmas Party Horror Stories | How The Grolsch Ruined Christmas | Everything Is Alright… On Prom Night | John Wayne Gacy: Not A Western Movie Star | Carlton Cigarettes Are Still Around | No Presents For Christmas | Olan Mills Will Swallow Your SOUL! | Merry Deathmas | Merry Candlemass | Not A Friendly Angel | U.S. Switchblade Laws | Repo Man Ending

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There is someone in this room. The smell of death surrounds you while you frantically look for a way out. Who — or what — is in the room with you? Could it be a machete-wielding retard bent on revenge for the death of his mother? Nah, it’s just Matt and Jason creeping through the darkness to bring you the commentary for the 1981 slasher sequel, Friday The 13th Part 2. Follow us to the campfire as we tell spooky stories of movie trivia, underaged girls, the fate of pubic hair, who the real Jason is, and with enough wit and charm to violently drive a spear through your frowny face. So, take that ridiculous pillow case off your head and listen in as we ring in our first anniversary of Terror Transmission with a true classic. Mrs. Voorhees would be pleased.

Slasher Film | Steve Miner | Fango’s FT13 Timeline | “Real-Time” FT13 Timeline | The Camp: Today | The Casino on Facebook | North Spectacle Lake | Jason… Meet Cropsy | Microvision: Not So Micro | Slowly We Garrote | It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s… Stu Charno! | Life and Death on the A-List | The “Other” FT13 Book | Girls Nite Out | The Crisis in Pubic Hair | Zapped! | Smokey Boys Band | Impalement Deaths – A Comparison | Gillette vs. Dash | MGP Settles The “Is Paul Dead” Question | Carl Fullerton

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Welcome to the Tanz Academy, where strange colors and gruesome murders await you. Your first class of the day will be a real killer, so take notes because the instructors will be giving commentary on the 1977 Italian gorefest, Suspiria. You might have come to learn ballet, but you’ll instead get lots of film details, lewd observations, various subtexts revealed, and an uncomfortable amount of ridicule aimed at the most unfortunate of folks. And if that’s not enough… it’s got Udo Kier! After the feature, stick around for the usual chatter from Matt and Jason on what they’ve recently seen on DVD. Sure beats meeting up with… THE LIVING DEAD!

Goblin | Intro to Italian Cinema | MGP on Salo | Nikolai Volkoff | Rubens: The Damned | Jessica Harper | Segway To Woz | Mongoloids: Not From Outer Space | Dye, Dye My Transfer | 69, 69, 69, 69… | Dark Shadows: Joan Bennett | Udo’s Distaste For Whore Blood | Come On Down To Bouzouki World | Krimi Time | Slow Hand | Argentum | There’s Always Room For Giallo | Kabbalah | The Confessions of an English Opium Eater

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Christmas. A time for presents and pretty lights. A time for family gatherings and cheerful songs. A time for… bloody carnage? Well, in this latest installment of Terror Transmission, that’s what you get in the form of the 1984 killer Santa flick, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Matt opens the gift of teen memories while Jason’s package contains a whole lot of love for scream queen, Linnea Quigley, not to mention other goodies under the tree. So, gorge yourself on candy canes and egg nog as you enjoy our commentary on this holiday horror favorite. Are you naughty enough?

Saturnalia | PMRC | Occult Significance of TriStar Pictures | Siskel & Ebert Just LOVE This Movie | Heber City, Utah | Traumatization IS a word! | Grim Prairie Tales | Baby Throwing, Indian-Style | Santa Claus: Frightener of Children | The Mephisto Waltz | Evel Knievel Toys | Krull | Oh, THAT Phoebe Cates Pool Scene (NSFW) | Retard Strength | Rowlf | The Linnea Quigley Workout | The Boogens | Psychic TV

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The counselors may have not been paying any attention, but you should to this exciting episode of Terror Transmission, in which M&J vivisect the 1980 release of one of the greatest slasher films of the decade: Friday The 13th. As our vengeful killer picks off the kiddies one by one, your hosts will fill your woozy, bloodsoaked head full of background info, FT13 trivia, their own twisted fantasies, their amazingly witty repartee… and they even drag a doll… um, I mean, an action figure… into the fray. Plus, the usual post-movie chat and some e-mail following the feature. Careful! It’s got a death curse!

Encephalitis | Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco | Dorothy Hamill hairdo | EST | Jeannine Taylor | Crystal Lake Memories | Paraskevidekatriaphobia | Strip Monopoly | Mary Crosby – Hot Bikini Action | Manfredini! | Larry “Bud” Melman | Aldo Nova | Tom Savini | The Burning | Brennivin | Le Quebecois Don’t Like You | FT13 Story Timelines | Scary Monsters

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Get out your chainsaws and sewing kits as your attractively blood-drenched hosts bring you the 1982 slasher gorefest, Pieces. Will you cringe more over the sheer carnage of insane murder or from all of the bad acting, cheesy music, and inept dubbing? Perhaps, Jason’s sniffling or Matt’s college bimbo imitation will do it for you. In any case, you’re bound (and gagged) to have a good time.

Joe D’Amato | Nude Jigsaw Puzzles | La Residencia | Aerobics | Anal Paprika | Cop Sucker | Giallo | Neuromuscular-Blocking Drug | Sonny Bellavance

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