Bienvenue, démons terroristes! Join Matt and Jason at the Canuck pub for 19% alcoholic beer, poutine and something called back bacon, all the while questioning just what kind of party this is. Well, how else would one celebrate 1981’s Happy Birthday To Me? Even if the weather outside is cold and bleak, your handsome hosts will make you toss off your toques and feel elite with some schooling on movie facts, French-French vs. Canadian-French, Matt’s strangulation tips, hot bitchy-witchy, nut-cheeking, Jason’s sexy workouts, teen movies, weapons and sex, red herring overload, “give me souvenirs” and other ways to get the rich kids to like you. So stick around. Because you might never hear a podcast again.

Canada and Violent Crime | Cinepix on Twitter | And Then There Were None – Exodus | Lance Rubin | Class of 1984 | Melissa Sue Anderson: The Book | Anderson in Midnight Offerings | Visiting Hours | France/Quebec Differences | Glenn Ford | Ford in Superman: The Movie | Dead Skin Mask – Slayer | Tracey Bregman on Facebook | Malibu Barbie Pool Party! | Concordia (Loyola) University | Lisa Langlois | Screwballs | Private School | Cat’s In The Cradle – Harry Chapin | Sugar Mountain | J. Lee Thompson | I Remember Now – Queensryche | Tootsie Pop’s Lick Quandary | Happy Birthday To Me – Syreeta Wright

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Dear homeowners. While you were on vacation, we broke into your house, upturned some furniture, got loaded, and played a whole lot of crazy music. But we were so inebriated, we left behind a recording of our criminal commentary on 1971’s A Bay of Blood. Your nerves might even twitch if you knew what really went down, including film background, death nerds, the Friday The 13th franchise connection, Countess Cripple, smiling dune buggies, carefree lifestyles, Matt and Jason’s broken glass disasters, the evil of realtors, the Rape Sweater, the showmanship of corpse revealing, living in Giallo World and maybe even some skinny-dipping. Oh, and sorry about the bloody spear through the bed. But, we did have a Bava-lous time! Your pals, Matt and Jason.

Mario Bava and His Movies | Hanged vs. Hung | The Ubiquitous J&B | How Do You Say… In Italian? | Caligula – Watch It Tonight! | SPEED BUGGY! | Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. (NSFW) | Carlo Rambaldi | Countess Bathory – Venom | Dardano Sacchetti | Ten Little Indians | I’ve Got Some Grey… To POUPON! | A Bay of Blood (Blu-ray) – The Good Edition

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There’s a psychopath roaming the streets of New York City. And no matter how fancy shmancy you think you are with your fancy dresses and lipstick, he’ll get you. Unless, of course, you find that poorly-lit alleyway where Matt and Jason will drive you crazy with their commentary on the 1980 release of Maniac. Strike a few sexy poses while your handsome hosts take you away with film background, red light districts, urban paranoia, the gritty ’70s NYC cinema, ironic hipster nonsense, hot modern mannequins, angry womyn, vintage porn critiques, horror survival tips, the Maniac remake and other means to possess you… forever.

Night Shift | Jack The Knife – The Electric Hellfire Club | FEARnet: William Lustig | Joe Spinell | Terror Transmission Interviews Caroline Munro | David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz | St. James Hotel | Spinell in Rocky | Terror Transmission Interviews Tom Savini | You’re Kinda Hot When You Don’t Move | Feminists Attack Maniac, Story At 11 | His Name Is Dead and He’s… Dead | Maniac Poster by Ken Taylor | Google Search: Abigail Clayton | Jay Chattaway on iTunes | “They Live” Fight Scene | Maniac 2 Promo | The Last Horror Film

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You can hear the sound of a van pulling up behind you. The assaultive scent of Naugahyde and Aqua Velva follows as the approaching disco beat arouses your senses. You can’t help yourself. You get into the vehicle as the driver pops in another 8-track tape; this time, commentary on 1980’s Prom Night. Two handsome hunks in the back are staring lewdly at you and drinking heavily as you hear the chatter of film facts, Canadian slasher movie history, smart people who agree with Jason and the stupid people who do not, cruel kids, Matt’s van-tasies, the Lou-nibrow, hot chicks in hot pants, disco vs. rock, the majesty of Slick, advice for teen virgins, why horny kids get killed and other things that are gonna get you. When you awake by the side of the road two hours later, just go home and never, ever tell anyone. No one but you will ever know. Maybe.

Jamie Lee Curtis | Langstaff Jail Farm | Paul Lynch | The Boogens | Sunglasses At Night – Corey Hart | Leslie Nielsen | Disco (Album) Inferno | Dance Fever | You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes | No, Not THAT Jerry Butler | Prom Night: The Single | Paul Zaza | Don Mills Collegiate Institute: Where Dreams of Death Are Made | Chevy Van – Sammy Johns | That’s The Way (I Like It) – K.C. and the Sunshine Band | Prom Night: The Remake

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Right now, he’s out there. Watching, waiting. Don’t look… he’ll see you. Don’t move… he’ll hear you. Don’t breathe… just listen carefully as Matt and Jason give it to you straight at their fireside chat on 1981’s The Burning. Deep in the forest, you’ll hear the cries of film details, the glut of camping murder movies, pot deal refunds, IMDB idiocy, Matt’s love of ice princesses, summer camp memories, the horrors of terrycloth, the misunderstood Cropsy and other revenge on those meddling kids. So, are you in? Because, if not… YOU’RE DEAD!

Tony Maylam | The Falling Cat Problem | Corky Will Fight The Power | Brian Backer: ’80s Sad Sack | Generic Foods | The Bradys | Jason Alexander | Terror Transmission Interviews Tom Savini | Creepshow 2: The Raft | Cropsey: The Movie | Yeah, The Weinsteins Are Doing Okay

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We like pretty girls. We only kill pretty girls. And that’s why only a couple of ladykillers like Matt and Jason could bring you the sanguinary saga of 1964’s Blood and Black Lace. So, slip on your murder mask and meet us on the catwalk as we parade movie details, quack psychology, misogyny around the world, spontaneous homicide musings, Jason’s million mentions of Black Sabbath (the movie), the compliance of deceased sexual partners, Bava vs. Argento, models as meat, and other tasty Italian treats. Does the sight of beauty make you lose control? Then listen in!

What We’re Drinking | Mario Bava | Giallo | Krimi | Body Count? Yeah. They’re In The House (NSFW) | Planet of the Vampires | The Seven Hills of Worcester | You Kiss Your Mohel With That Mouth? | Filmation | Woolner… NOT Warner… Brothers | Cameron Mitchell | Danger Diabolik

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Buongiorno, Demoni del Terrore! Step into the parlor and let Matt and Jason make you a nice pizza pie… along with a special vino just for you: Deep Red, vintage 1975. After a few bottles, you might feel a bit woozy, so lie down in the back of the Ferrari as your handsome hosts take you for a ride through movie background, loads of giallo film recommendations, Italian gender-bending, the power of J&B scotch, the glory of unfettered breasts, the beauty of cinematic death, the creepiness of puppets, Jason’s fear of little girls, arguments about pajamas, Matt’s spontaneous desire to solve crimes and other means by which to smash faces of pretty girls into glass. Que bella!

Giallo Films | Mondadori | Giallo eBooks | Really Rich Italian Satanists – Dirty Sanchez | Dario Argento | David Hemmings | Daria Nicolodi | How To Pronounce… Machismo | Follow Your Nose… To The Flavors of FRUIT! | Jason Isn’t Playtex-ing Around | Necrophilia Laws In The U.S. | Hot Tub Death Scene from Halloween II (NSFW) | Goblin | Your Guide To Peplum | Claudio Simonetti | Profondo Rosso (Live) – Daemonia | Charlie Manson Has A Few Things To Say | Mr T: Still Sporting The Mohawk? | Sleepless

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Are you ready for Freddy? Your handsome hosts sure are and we’ve stayed up WAY too late to bring you the 1984 classic slasher, A Nightmare On Elm Street. So, pick up a bottle and veg out with us as we put to bed some razor-sharp movie trivia, the whiskey spit take, the hotness of availability, ’80s morality, how Matt became a KISS fan, sleepwear advice for ladies, childhood bedroom shockers, the paralyzing fear of herpes, slutty theater girls and other things a crucifix won’t stop. Then, when you wake up — IF you ever wake up — stick around as we rip our way through listener e-mail. Enjoy the show or just our pretty voices. But whatever you do. Don’t. Fall. Asleep.

We Hate Vodka | Wes Craven | Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome | Freddy Krueger – S.O.D. | Man Of Your Dreams – M.O.D. | Visit Freddy’s Boiler Room | Shocker | Dream Warriors – Dokken | Love Kills – Vinnie Vincent Invasion | Heather Langenkamp | Nick Is Now A Spiritual Warrior | Freddy Likes The Kids At This School | I Love It Loud – KISS | Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole | John Saxon | Robert Englund | Where’s Nancy’s House? | Stroh’s: Still Around | In MY Dreams, I’m Mr. Wizard! | Control That Pitch! | Massengill Your Nightmares Away | Dogs. They Play Pool | Buy Englund’s Book | Never Play Basketball With A Deadly Friend | Lucid Dreaming | Englund Talks Freddy | V: The Mini Series | I Am Nancy | Minge?

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Is it a place of lodging, or a farm, or a shop for cheap, quality meats? Well, it’s ALL THREE, silly! So, just plant yourself in the secret garden and listen to Terror Transmission’s hypnotic commentary on 1980’s Motel Hell. And if you think Farmer Vincent’s fritters taste strange, wait until you get a load of Matt and Jason as they playfully grind up some movie details, more VHS nostalgia, population control, flirting with cannibalism, how to score damaged chicks, implied incest, fat-kid anger, Jason’s girlfriend’s hummus and various other schemes to lure you into compliance. Too many people, not enough food, but just the right amount of facts and funny. And, best of all… NO preservatives!

What We’re Drinking | Kevin Connor | Sable Ranch Stone Hacienda | Rory Calhoun | Pat Ast: NOT Nancy Parsons | The Red House | Miss Balbricker | How To Cook A Human | The Monster That Challenged The World | Playboy – September 1978 | Playboy – November 1978 | Elaine and Her Magical Hair | Wolfman Jack | Kiss Lita Deadly | FT13 Soundtracks Link | Hustler – May 1980 | Cliffy’s In This One, Too | Matt’s First Glimpse of Motel Hell

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Under extreme duress, people are capable of extraordinary behavior. But, going after Crystal Lake’s most infamous killer will take more than just nerves of steel and a bad haircut. You’ll need horny teenagers for bait, an arsenal of home and garden tools for weapons, and some twisted advice from Matt and Jason contained in their commentary for 1984’s Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. Enter the morgue as your handsome hosts slide open the drawer so you can identify movie facts, Zito’s neck, slasher favorites, metal in horror movies, advice for slutty teens, cinematic misdirection, the Coreys and other dismembered parts. Could this really be the last chapter? Listen in and find out.

Barney Cohen | ABC Afterschool Witchcraft Special | Joseph Zito | The Prowler | Actually, It’s CoreyFeldmanDotNet | And He DOES Have Some T-Shirts | Bark At The Moon | Savini’s Work from FT13:TFC | Have A Martini With Manfredini | 20-Minute Wank-out | Zaxxon! | That CoCo’s Getting Cold | Tower of London | How “The Last American Virgin” Ends | Little Corey Meets Santa | Crispin Glover | Lion – Love Is A Lie | Judie, Judie, Judie | Kimmy’s Got A Brand New Pair of Rollerskates | The Powers of Matthew Star | FT13:TFC – The Lost Ending

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