In honor of our 100th episode, it has been decided that the malignant influence of the show should now extend far beyond our earthly bounds. So, your handsome hosts have rocketed into the deepest reaches of space to spread their vile commentary on 1981’s Galaxy of Terror. The Master has spoken! So enter the wet black hole and receive movie background, Eddie Albert Junior hatred, old man moments, fictional planets for carnal misconduct, picking on sacred cows, Jason’s love of Red Shoe Diaries, magic psychedelic beer, sexual assault in movies, film opinions changing over time, and other celestial silliness. Your countdown to Hell is about to begin. So, start drinking now!

The Dumb Bar In Which We Came Up With This Movie | Polly Wants A New Home… NOW! | Battle Beyond The Stars | Battle of the Network Stars | Corman’s Got CRAZY Movie Posters | Barry Schrader | Laserblast | Fast Times… On TV? | Joanie. Chachi. They’re In Love | James Cameron | Sid Haig | Eddie Albert Jr. Was Totally On The Love Boat | Zalman King | Cars – Gary Numan | Freedom of Choice – Devo | Prophet 5 | Mary Lou Retton – Grab The GOLD! | Erin Moran… Not Doing So Well

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You have received a transmission of unknown origin. The course of your journey has been interrupted for three hours in the darkness of space, in which no one can hear you scream. Your special order is to return with our commentary on 1979’s Alien. All other priorities are rescinded as your handsome hosts celebrate Terror Transmission’s 4th anniversary. You’ll also have plenty of time before the emergency destruct system reaches zero to enjoy film background, misunderstood genius, movie tech vs. modern-day tech, science fiction’s influence on actual tech, machine vs. man vs. monster, “face hugging”, Matt Meets The Plush Godzilla, token vs. token, dictator directors, comparison to Aliens and other primordial pustulence. This is Matt and Jason, signing off.

What We’re Drinking | Dan O’Bannon | To Tame A Land – Iron Maiden | Candiru | Crohn’s Disease | H.R. Giger | Frankenchrist | Dead Kennedys Trial | Listen to our episode on “It! The Terror From Beyond Space” | Occam’s Razor | Ridley Scott | Convoy! | Moebius | Apple’s “1984” Macintosh commercial | Heavy Metal magazine | Giger’s Necronomicon | Shepperton Studio | Egyptian Theater: Hollywood | Nostromo by Joseph Conrad | Jerry Goldsmith | Giger Bars | Sigourney Weaver | Ablution | Children of the Sea – Black Sabbath | Mars, Bringer of War – Gustav Holst

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High atop the icy mountain peaks, the tentacled terror awaits you. Given the circumstances, there isn’t much time to descend the face of that terrible cliff. But, you do have an hour or two to spare for a breath of fresh air known as 1958’s The Crawling Eye. Avalanches are the least of your worries as you survive the harsh conditions of movie background, the crawling fly, the return of British evil, tacky Americana, Jason’s type of guy, the Germans and their twisted naughty films, the NEW chosen land, pseudoscientific quackery, another out-of-the-blue Bond rant, eugenics, and other radioactive freaks of nature. That’s right. Nasty business. Very nasty.

Eros Films | Jimmy Sangster | The Crawling Eye – Misfits | The Saint | Forrest Tucker | Say, What’s The Weather In Trollenberg? | Janet Munro | Mountains – Manowar | The Ghost Busters 1975 | Les Bowie | Ro(e)ntgens. They’re Real | What We DIDN’T Drink | Trams Are NOT Gondolas | Park City’s Alpine Slide. Still There | Bowie and Jagger Get… Funny

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The funeral is about to begin. Never mind the scurrying creatures and flying weaponized spheres. Just bow your head and hang on tight as Matt and Jason open the portal to 1979’s Phantasm. You might think that when you die, you go to Heaven, but you’ll actually come to us for movie trivia, ’70s dirtbag guys, why modern cars suck, Matt’s intentionally bad French, hair helmets, bachelorette parties gone wild, dwarf vs. midget vs. little person, unisex names, and other things that are little, brown and low to the ground. It’s definitely going to be a hot time. Hot as love. You know?

What We’re Drinking | Earache My Eye – Cheech and Chong | Don Coscarelli and Phantasm | Left Hand Path – Entombed | Bury Your Stinking Dead… At Forest Lawn | Dunsmuir House | Barracuda – Heart | Mind Rape – Death Angel | Le Kat | I Want Action – Poison | You Need Some Shag | WKRP In Cincinnati | Free For All – Ted Nugent | Randy Rhoads… He’s Dead | The Most Interesting Man In The World… After Matt and Jason, Of Course | Look, Jason… Fireworks By Mail! | Angus Scrimm | Jeffrey Dahmer, Home Decorator | Ice Cream Man – Van Halen | Goldfinger! | Phantasm: The Novel

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Teleportation can have some odd side effects. You might start sprouting strange hairs or even acquire the ability to climb all over the walls. If these and other symptoms persist, you should listen immediately to our helpful commentary on 1986’s The Fly. Although your handsome hosts are not actual scientists, they will professionally guide you through film facts, improbable user interfaces in cinema, Jason’s magical journey through someone else’s beard, post-coital decorum, judging hairstyles, science over belief, the BrundleFly / Michael Jackson connection, Matt trying J&B for the first time and other means by which to make your flesh crazy. So, take a deep penetrating dive into our plasma pool, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Jeff Goldblum Is NUTS For Apple | David Cronenberg | Howard Shore | Geena Knows Victoria’s Secret | Pogonophilia | Are YOU a PUA? | Omni Magazine | Is Michael Jackson Dead? | Find The J&B Bottle | Cosmopolis

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Everybody needs some change now and again, to get away from it all and become someone else. Or… something else. So, enter the disintegration chamber and your handsome hosts will see you on the other end with their recombinant commentary for 1958’s The Fly. Sometimes you have to destroy in order to create, and Matt and Jason do their share of breaking down movie background, math wizards, dumb horror podcasts, the perils of Canadian French, heavy metal facelifts, the hotness of crying girls, repressed ’50s housewives, tips for finding sex entertainment in Quebec, post-1985 James Bond hate, and other questionable experiments. But, don’t worry. They wouldn’t harm anything… not even a fly.

Return of the Fly – Misfits | Robert Lippert and Regal Pictures | Podcasts Called “Spoiler Alert” | SuicideGirls | The Fly by George Langelaan | Vincent Price | Charles Herbert | Grizzly Adams | Mmmmm, Pudding Pops! | Sleazy P. Martini Welcomes You To… Slaughterama! (NSFW) | Bar Chez Diane | Club Super Sexe | Cheech Has Herpes… Er, Hairpiece | Fat Girl – Steel Panther

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It seems the snatching just won’t STOP! So, once more, Matt and Jason rain intergalactic spooge upon you, but this time with their commentary on the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. So lie back, drift off to sleep, and let the duplication begin through movie background and trivia, urban paranoia, San Francisco nostalgia, anti-religious metaphor, the “sensitive male” ploy, Sutherland’s mustache, the sex lives of pod people, government distrust, “flapjacks” and other pills that you should pop just like candy. And remember, it’s more than a podcast… it’s a conspiracy!

Body Snatchers – 1993 | United Artists | Philip Kaufman | Denny “Not Danny” Zeitlin | Hellflower | Donald Sutherland | OMG! Flip Clocks Still Exist! | Messiah of Evil | Too Young To Fall In Love – Mötley Crüe | McCarthy’s Hitting On My Tutor | In Search of Matt’s and Jason’s Childhood Terrors | Leonard Nimoy | Goldblum Shills For Apple | Worlds In Collision | MICRONAUTS! | Transamerica Pyramid: Not In Egypt | Twilight Zone: I Sing The Body Electric | Union Square – San Francisco | Diana Ross. She’s Coming Out | Boston’s Combat Zone: A Visual History | Billy Beer | Africa – Toto | Kali Yuga | Plato’s Retreat | Hey Matt and Jason, his name is Joey Cramer | The Invasion

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Ever feel like the people around you — your family, your friends, your lovers — just don’t seem themselves lately? Sure, you could blame the economy or the doldrums of daily life. Or… maybe they AREN’T themselves! Maybe they’re beings from another world bent on mediocrity and apathy. Sound entertaining? Well, of course it is when you unwillingly absorb our commentary for the 1956 science fiction classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. So, WAKE UP and let two grumpy old men plant some ideas in your heads, such as movie background, drugging your kids, rooster loops, making a tasty Manhattan, herd conformity versus individuality, the hotness of crying girls, and other alarming claims. Of course, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror will strike at YOU! That’s right, you’re NEXT!

How Rutabaga! | Walter Wanger | Gee Whiz! | Invasion: The Book | My Tutor: Opening Credits | Kevin McCarthy | Jason LOVES Carolyn | Where Did I Come From? | Dana Wynter | Another Invasion of Pods | Twilight Zone: The Shelter | Tour of the Ackermansion | Wild In The Streets, Running, Running… | Don Siegel | Richard “Call Me Dick” Deacon | The True Believer

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Konichiwa! Now drop those sushi rolls because terror’s coming to Tokyo once more and only Matt and Jason can truly bring you the kaiju assault with their commentary on the 1964 release of Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster. Like a cross-dressing Venusian, we reveal way too much, including movie trivia, the human side of monster films, cooperating co-hosts, girls who are funny (and hot), stereotypes, Jason’s strange “cleansing” diet, how to become Emperor of Japan, “get-along” juice and other stir-fried shenanigans. It ain’t over ’til the Mothra Twins sing and, once they do, get ready for some recently-watched DVD talk from your handsome hosts. OHIO!

Toho! | Creature Double Feature | Kaiju | Ishiro Honda – Not A Japanese Car Model | Hida Mountains | Eiji Tsuburaya | Mothra Twins SING! | Akira Ifukube | Samoans: NOT Japanese | Love On The Rocks | Yamata No Orochi, Mr. Roboto | It’s A Little Bucket Parfait, Matt | Monster Zero | Haruo “Godzilla” Nakajima | Lest You Forget Our Video Tribute to Kaiju Films

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Ladies and gentlemen! You have been called here again to receive further information from the farthest reaches of our galaxy. We will relay teleradio commentary for the 1958 interplanetary monstrosity, It! The Terror From Beyond Space. Once assumed to be lost in the cosmos, Matt and Jason are still at the helm, guiding their metallic missile straight into movie trivia, Jason’s endless list of “favorite” movies, getting around sodomy laws, George Lucas’s neck, the Occupy Pantyless Women movement, quack science in films and other murderous Martian madness. Following touchdown, your handsome crew will debrief you on their recently watched DVDs. Enjoy. But make sure you close that darn hatch!

Voyage of the Space Beagle | Alien | Paul Blaisdell | It Conquered The World | KHAAAAAAN! | Or, maybe just… Cahn | No, Not THIS Mr. Big | Yes, THAT Mr. B.I.G. | Mound of Venus | Gimme My Purple Lightsaber! | Lost In (Judy’s) Space | Jerome Bixby | Fade To Black | Van Heusen Says To Buy A Nice Shirt | The Honey Badger Is Very Much Lacking In Concern | Buck Rogers In The Awesomely Hot Chicks In Spandex Century | Ann Doran | Fantastic Monsters | It! The Parody From Twisted Flicks

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