There was a time when the term feminism meant social equality between the genders. There was also a time when the streets were safe, the air was clean, and livable wages were commonplace. Sadly, those days are long gone. But join us as we sift through the wreckage of the women’s movement with an emphasis on its third wave phase and all of its infighting, contradictions, false conclusions, hysteria, fabrications, and the various thin-skinned reactions that come to loosely define this anything-goes collective.

Episodic Links
We Are Not All Feminists – Edwina Currie
BJS – Violent Victimization of College Students, 1995-2002
Sommers and Paglia on the state of contemporary feminism
Bureau of Justice Statistics – Stalking
23 Quotes From Feminists That Will Make You Rethink Feminism
Intersectional Feminism: What is it?
Poll Shows Majority Of Women Reject Feminism
The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap
Stop Fem-Splaining: What ‘Women Against Feminism’ Gets Right
Wendy McElroy – Fallacy of the Rape Culture
The Top 10 Anti-Feminist Females on the Internet
Woman Goes Wild At Feminist Rally
All They Have Is Fear – Jack Donovan

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