The spread of what became known as Satanic Panic marched blindly forward for over a decade, leaving controversy and conspiracy in its wake. The misguided agents of this panic were key to its contagion, including law enforcement, self-assumed occult experts, Christian therapists, and all manner of opportunists motivated by money and attention. But this panic also had its prehistory and we’ll be exploring that along with the Panic’s ties to urban legend, the appeal of rumors, the rise of the Religious Right, heavy metal’s flirtation with the Devil, the unwanted aid of TV talk shows and more. Think of it as herd mentality under an unforgiving microscope.

Episodic Links
Moral Panic: Who Benefits From Public Fear?
20/20 – The Devil Worshippers
The Psychology of Rumor
60 Minutes on Dungeons and Dragons
Satanic Cult Awareness
The Crucible, Part 1: Contexts and Allegory
Village Voice: Are Dungeons & Dragons Players in a Cult?
The PMRC Hearing (Full)
Selling Satan: The Tragic History of Mike Warnke
FBI: Investigator’s Guide to Allegations of Ritual Child Abuse
Geraldo Rivera: Satanic Ritual Abuse & Recovered Memories
Spikes and Studs : Tipping the Scales Against Heavy Metal, Punk
Satan in Poughkeepsie

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