The scourge of political correctness has infected Western culture at an alarming rate. No arena of public life is spared — academia, politics, the workplace, religion, and society as a whole, all bear this unnecessary weight. What was once a few politely expected euphemisms has turned into a methodology designed to dictate what to say, what to think, and what to do. The petulant child-king had become the enthroned lie. But the reign of language policing and social control has passed the tolerance point for many, and we’ll be discussing that along with PC’s historical roots and evolution, its appeal to the ‘60s counterculture, its slow spread through academia, and its growing rejection around the world.

Episodic Links
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Cultural Marxism and the Nature of Power
Bill Lind Discussing the Spread of Cultural Marxism
The Rising Hegemony of the Politically Correct
George Carlin: Political Correctness
Repressive Tolerance by Herbert Marcuse
How America Became a Nation of Victims
The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness
Stephen Fry on Political Correctness and Clear Thinking
The Death of the West by Pat Buchanan
The Dirty Dozen: Politically Correct College Courses of 2016-2017
The dramatic shift among college professors that’s hurting students’ education
The Tyranny of Liberal Political Correctness is Destroying America
Whitewashing the Black Panthers

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