Dear homeowners. While you were on vacation, we broke into your house, upturned some furniture, got loaded, and played a whole lot of crazy music. But we were so inebriated, we left behind a recording of our criminal commentary on 1971’s A Bay of Blood. Your nerves might even twitch if you knew what really went down, including film background, death nerds, the Friday The 13th franchise connection, Countess Cripple, smiling dune buggies, carefree lifestyles, Matt and Jason’s broken glass disasters, the evil of realtors, the Rape Sweater, the showmanship of corpse revealing, living in Giallo World and maybe even some skinny-dipping. Oh, and sorry about the bloody spear through the bed. But, we did have a Bava-lous time! Your pals, Matt and Jason.

Mario Bava and His Movies | Hanged vs. Hung | The Ubiquitous J&B | How Do You Say… In Italian? | Caligula – Watch It Tonight! | SPEED BUGGY! | Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. (NSFW) | Carlo Rambaldi | Countess Bathory – Venom | Dardano Sacchetti | Ten Little Indians | I’ve Got Some Grey… To POUPON! | A Bay of Blood (Blu-ray) – The Good Edition

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We like pretty girls. We only kill pretty girls. And that’s why only a couple of ladykillers like Matt and Jason could bring you the sanguinary saga of 1964’s Blood and Black Lace. So, slip on your murder mask and meet us on the catwalk as we parade movie details, quack psychology, misogyny around the world, spontaneous homicide musings, Jason’s million mentions of Black Sabbath (the movie), the compliance of deceased sexual partners, Bava vs. Argento, models as meat, and other tasty Italian treats. Does the sight of beauty make you lose control? Then listen in!

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Buongiorno, Demoni del Terrore! Step into the parlor and let Matt and Jason make you a nice pizza pie… along with a special vino just for you: Deep Red, vintage 1975. After a few bottles, you might feel a bit woozy, so lie down in the back of the Ferrari as your handsome hosts take you for a ride through movie background, loads of giallo film recommendations, Italian gender-bending, the power of J&B scotch, the glory of unfettered breasts, the beauty of cinematic death, the creepiness of puppets, Jason’s fear of little girls, arguments about pajamas, Matt’s spontaneous desire to solve crimes and other means by which to smash faces of pretty girls into glass. Que bella!

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