In his 1890 work entitled Might Is Right, Ragnar Redbeard wrote at great length about cultural deception. He said that “the most dangerous of all enthroned lies is the holy, the sanctified, the privileged lie… It is the fruitful mother of all other popular errors and delusions. It is hydra-headed. It has a thousand roots. It is a social cancer.” In the 21st century, one such cancer — that has metastasized to infect even the very science behind human evolution — has come to be known as transgenderism. So, come with us as we put this subject under the knife in order to root out the ambiguous definition of transgender, the high cost of surgery and hormones, transitioning children, the reality of associated self-harm and suicide, the influence of trend, gays vs. transgenders, bad statistics, de-transitioning, and why people are afraid to say anything to the contrary about all of this.

Episodic Links
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Sex Change Regret Dot Com

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