Throughout recorded history, man has sought to improve himself by various means, including technological, financial, cooperative, and experiential. Much of this improvement is often short-term and limited to a single generation. But, what if you want to give your future offspring a leg up on survival and personal achievement? Could you take on the mantle of mythological gods and remake man in your own image? And not only could you, but would you? In this episode, we examine the controversial practice of eugenics, its advances, its past abuses, and its useful applications in the modern world. We’ll also look at the wide-ranging implications of this scientific endeavor and how eugenics has come to be defined over time.

Episodic Links
Wikipedia: Eugenics
Origins of Eugenics – James Watson
Experiments in Plant Hybridization by Gregor Mendel
Hereditary Character and Talent by Francis Galton
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Charles Davenport – Eugenics Creed
C-SPAN Cities Tour – Montpelier: Vermont State Archives’ Eugenics Study
Wikipedia: Reductio ad Hitlerum
Australian Philosopher says Eugenics is a Moral Obligation
About BGI
Human Genome Project
Eugenics: Its Past…And Inevitable Return?
Modern Eugenics: Building a Better Person?
Charles Galton Darwin, Eugenics Advocate

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