Sometimes, it really does take a mob of sexually assaultive sea monsters to bring a community together. And group action is what your handsome hosts are all about as they foster their own twisted brand of awareness for 1980’s Humanoids from the Deep. Listen as Matt and Jason build good social relations through film facts, fat kid ineptitude, the biblical justification for stoning babies, Terror Transmission’s booze cruise, Morrow’s wacky death, overinflated Indian names, gay code, plucky women and other ways to create deeper respect and mutual trust. There’s certainly nothing fish-y about that!

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Come one, come all! That’s right, folks! Gather ’round because the podcast is starting right now. This is the one you’ve read about, you’ve heard your neighbors talking about it, and here it is — our commentary on the 1932 release of Freaks! Watch the doorway, keep your ears open, you don’t wanna miss any of the acts, and it’s all free! Right here and starting right now, marvel at the wonders of full movie background, the aphrodisiac of argyle, so-called exploitation, those wacky censors, sex with midgets, metal sub-referencing, hobo dogs, Canadian permissiveness, embracing your inner freak and other monstrosities of nature. After the show, come on into the revival tent and hear your handsome hosts testify to what they’ve recently watched on DVD. Gooble gobble, gooble gobble, we accept you, one of us…

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Dust off your terry cloth bathrobes and eyeball pentacle necklaces because it’s time for Matt and Jason to put on the commentary cheer for the 1977 drive-in devil flick, Satan’s Cheerleaders. Through margarita goggles, M&J relay the finer points of ’70s extracurricular erotica with a cheesy devil-worship edge, going deep into the hirsute jungle in order to tell the tale to you fine pre-verts. After the feature, expect listener mail, contest details, and more. One for all and all for one, Terror Transmission has a ball (or… four)!

NEW: Watch Jason make our episodic drinks and introduce EP15’s guest star!

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