The weakness of the West is in both its failure to understand the threat of a megalomaniacal religion and allowing the infiltration of that threat to spread unabated. Through inaction and needless guilt, many leaders of the Western World have permitted disorder and death within their nations in the name of political correctness. But, the time has come to put away tolerance and start recognizing the aims of Islam and its continued war against the West. To that effect, we will examine this so-called “religion of peace” through its religious texts and resultant acts, as well as Sharia law, the recent migrant crisis, conspiring liberals and feminists, the question of Muslim moderates and more.

Episodic Links
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Shariah: The Threat to America
Sam Harris – Moderates vs Fundamentalists
What does the Koran say about women?
The Three Stages Of Jihad
Why WaPo’s ‘Five Myths About Sharia Law’ is Dead Wrong
The Truth About Islam

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