It’s quite possible that this episode has gone well beyond the boundaries of prudence and good taste. In fact, it might taste a little… familiar. So, pull up a chair to the cannibal feast as Matt and Jason serve up a big ol’ slab of 1968 for their commentary on Spider Baby. Feel yourself caught in the web of movie trivia, women who look like monkeys, Hitler mustaches, gentleman vs. cad, exploring taboos, Matt’s post-virginity Disneyland visit, maxims for all occasions, civil rights destroying black acting careers and other bites that sting, sting, sting! After everything makes a big flash and goes BANG, your handsome hosts will delight you with their thoughts on recent films watched. Oh boy!

Spider Baby – Director’s Cut | What Jason’s Drinking | What Matt’s Drinking | SHOCKER! | Panty Raid! | Jack Hill | Mantan Moreland Gets Filthy… And We Approve! | Summer Sausage For Seventeen | Jill Banner | Lon Chaney Jr. | Beverly Washburn – Today | Hey, You’ve Got A Toothbrush Under Your Lip | Buster Brown Is Back… In Black | Sid Haig | Full House – The T-Birds | The Swinging Cheerleaders | The DTs | Frederick’s of Hollywood | Lovecraft Family Circus | Age of Consent | It Was A Very Good Year – William Shatner | Seventeen – Winger | Jason of Star Command | Dementia 13

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Konichiwa! Now drop those sushi rolls because terror’s coming to Tokyo once more and only Matt and Jason can truly bring you the kaiju assault with their commentary on the 1964 release of Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster. Like a cross-dressing Venusian, we reveal way too much, including movie trivia, the human side of monster films, cooperating co-hosts, girls who are funny (and hot), stereotypes, Jason’s strange “cleansing” diet, how to become Emperor of Japan, “get-along” juice and other stir-fried shenanigans. It ain’t over ’til the Mothra Twins sing and, once they do, get ready for some recently-watched DVD talk from your handsome hosts. OHIO!

Toho! | Creature Double Feature | Kaiju | Ishiro Honda – Not A Japanese Car Model | Hida Mountains | Eiji Tsuburaya | Mothra Twins SING! | Akira Ifukube | Samoans: NOT Japanese | Love On The Rocks | Yamata No Orochi, Mr. Roboto | It’s A Little Bucket Parfait, Matt | Monster Zero | Haruo “Godzilla” Nakajima | Lest You Forget Our Video Tribute to Kaiju Films

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These are the facts as we know them. There is an epidemic of mass murder being committed by a virtual army of unidentified assassins. So, stay in your homes and keep a close listen to this episode of Terror Transmission as we warn you of the dangers of 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. Eyewitnesses describe two of the assassins as handsome, well-spoken and answering to the names of Matt and Jason. They also appear to have a lot of say about the dissolution of the American family, fear and identity, social breakdown, gang bang records and mass murder fantasies, plus M&J’s making of “Night of the Living Deadbeats” parody short and some brief mentions of Monster Bash 2011 happenings. Once they’re finished getting “all messed up,” join your hosts as they discuss recent DVD viewings. Now get the hell down in the cellar!

What We’re Drinking | Zombie Films | George A. Romero | Richie Rich | Midnight Movies | NotLD – Best DVD Edition | There Are Zombies on Facebook! | Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz | Rob Corddry – NOT in NotLD | Enough With The Blinking! | Livin’ On A Prayer | Kyra’s at | Bartender, Get Me A Molotov Cocktail! | Silly Putty | Bill “Chilly Billy” Cardille | Ghouls Night Out | Squib | John Russo | Night of the Living Dead 1990

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Deep in the castle’s crypt, the master has been awakened by the spilling of innocent blood. With torches lit, your handsome hosts descend the stone stairs in search of answers to this ancient evil. And they will find them. So will you when you listen to their commentary on the 1966 fang-tacular film, Dracula: Prince of Darkness. Follow Matt and Jason as they cast their torchlights on sensitive British children, drunken seduction, relationship age differences, “nose cones”, Matt’s bachelor lair makeover, favorite Renfields, and all the grandeur captured under the terrifying cloak of Hammer Films. Once the creature of the night has been vanquished, join M&J as they chat about their latest DVD viewings. It’ll be a bloody good time!

Hammer Films | MPAA… Meet The BBFC | Color Me Blood Red | Magic Underwear | Horror of Dracula | Sometimes I Miss VHS | Whore’s Blood: A Real Killer | Thunderbirds are GO! | Boone’s Farm | Hammer Soundtrack Compilations | Candle Snuffer | Make Your Own Kensington Gore | Is It Burger Time Yet? | Arte Johnson in Love At First Bite | Gobble Down Some Spotted Dick | I’m Trapped Under Ice!

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You are about to enter Hell. A world of torture and fire, betrayal and madness, Matt and Jason, darkness and fear… oh, it will be such punishment. And while you are bound to the slab, awaiting your eviscerating end, your handsome hosts shall comfort you with commentary on Roger Corman’s brilliant 1961 adaptation of The Pit and the Pendulum. As the blade swings and slowly descends, there will be just enough time for discussion on movie and director background, American International Pictures, Richard Matheson, preferred torture deaths, classic movie gals worth sleeping with, butt chins, drunken edits, and a number of other painful implements at the ready. When all of the blood stops flowing, M&J will then exit the dungeon and comment on their recent DVD viewings. We have you exactly as we want you!

The Bardavon | Roger Corman | Fact: Welding Is Dangerous | Return of the Return of the Return of the Fly | AIP Intro | Pit and the Pendulum – The Paperback | The Spanish Inquisition: Not Jew-Friendly | So Many Taboos… | Looks of Steele | RI-CO-LA! | Vincent Price Meets The Brady Boys | Shelley and Her Amazing Panties | Batman: 1966 | Vincent Price – The Collector’s Statue | Read the Original Tale! | Richard Matheson Wrote Some Stuff, Too | You Tarkin To Me?

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It’s tough in this day and age to find the perfect mate. Women across the world are longing to experience motherhood at any cost. And that’s why we at the Coffin Joe Institute of Eugenics want to impregnate you with a superior child. So, jump up on that examination table and let Matt and Jason put the evil seed in you as you weave in and out of consciousness, shaking and crying to the sound of their commentary on the 1964 Brazilian cult favorite, At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul. The anesthesia might smell like rum, but you’ll soon forget all that as swirling images of Sepultura, blasphemy, Catholicism, tarantulas, Nietzsche, and spooky bearded characters fill your head. When it’s all over, stagger into the waiting room as M&J share their thoughts on recent DVD viewings. Yes, we’ll even pay the doctor’s bill. Que gostoso!

Learn To Curse In Portuguese | WE’RE DEAD! | Day of the Dead… Mexico, Not Romero | Cachaça | José Mojica Marins | Buried Alive In Vermont | EC Comics | Eugenics | Behold, The Overman! | Coffin Joe AND Sepultura | Something About This Video Is… Weird | Coffin Joe’s Got His OWN Wiki | It’s both, Jason | I’ll Give You A Topic. Bumcakes. Discuss.

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The curse of Satan has been placed. And only Matt and Jason can aid you in removing the killing mask and avenging your bloodline through their commentary on the 1960 Bava classic, Black Sunday (also known as The Mask of Satan). It’s like a succulent Italian feast of evil, but with some perversion and vampirism sprinkled on top. Oh, sweet Barbara Steele’s cleavage, it is delicious! After your gruesome meal, stay tuned for M&J’s recent DVD viewings, and a new listener contest giveaway. Que bella!

Ultra-Lounge | Jimmies | Sleepless Nights | Like Bava, Like Son | Like Feeding Peplum To A Baby | Mussolini’ s Got Movies | Blood and Black Lace | A-Z of Horror: Barbara Steele | V: The Original Mini-Disaster | How Many Versions of Caligula? | All The Colors of the Dark | Fumetti With Meatballs, Please | History of Fake Boobies | Giallo | Cheryl Ladd: Bikini Machine | NECROFASCIST

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The Kaiju onslaught has begun and Tokyo’s not the only town in trouble. Whether by land or by sky, the monster attack is on and Matt and Jason are there with their commentary for the 1968 suitmation smackdown known as Destroy All Monsters. The roll call is impressive: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Baragon, Varan, Kumonga, Manda, Anguirus, Minilla and Gorosaurus. Through an oriental haze of Sake and Plum Wine, M&J give you so much background and fun on this flick, you’ll want to breathe fire and stomp on major cities posthaste. It’s Japan-tastic!

Kikkoman Plum Wine | 1999 Is The Future | Atomic Bummer | Monsterland | Toho Kingdom | Make Your Own Spud Gun | I’m A Wrist Rocket Man | Manga! | Ishiro Honda | Ultraman | Go, Go, Gojira | Tentacle Rape | Japan’s So Cute | Mr. Roboto | ZOD | Valerie and Her “Personality” | Ah-nold’s Got A Boo Boo | The Quintessentials

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The masquerade has begun and the attendants will all be wearing RED. And from high atop the castle of Prospero, your two handsome hosts will be regaling you with tales of carnality and chaos as they comment upon the 1964 Poe adaptation, The Masque of the Red Death. Wine will be consumed, bosoms will be ogled, and great thoughts will be… thunk? Yes, it will be a veritable feast of aural pleasure. Just don’t look behind the mask.

Corman Gets His Oscar | Price’s Thriller “Voice Session” | The Black Widow | Theatre of Tragedy | Vlad The Impaler | Quilty | Seance on a Wet Afternoon | Machiavelli | Vincent (1982) | An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe | Return of the Fly – Misfits | The Bal des Ardents | Hazel Court | Baklava? | Balaclava? | American International Pictures | Papa Gino’s | Red Death – The Action Figure | Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | Hell Of All Hells

Bonus link: Vincent Price on The Dating Game

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Two men. One podcast. Buckets of awesome.

Your handsome hosts bring you the conclusion to their commentary on Rosemary’s Baby, replete with the usual trivia, background, and utterly unrelated details of their sordid but sexy lives.

Peggy Nadramia’s Vodka Blush recipe

Equipment: Cocktail shaker, Cocktail glass

Ingredients: 2 1/2 ounces Vodka, 3/4 ounces freshly-squeezed lime juice (strained), Dash Grenadine

Fill shaker 2/3 with fresh ice. Add ingredients. Shake and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy, and spill a little on the carpet in memory of Minnie and Roman!

Deluge | Monster Bash | A Bit of the Devil | William Castle | Scrabble |
Alias Nick Beal | The Quintessentials

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