In a distant room, you can hear the haunting sounds of music. As you approach the source, you gasp in horror as you see the hand that plays the piano is completely dismembered. Now, this might seem shocking but you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve listened to Matt and Jason’s cacophonous commentary on 1946’s The Beast With Five Fingers. Now come the hallucinations as your handsome hosts soothe you with movie background, Matt’s tween superhero days, robot girlfriends, cunning stunts, Batman and Penguin’s hilarious sexual escapades, dictators and the women who don’t love them, “pianists”, Jason’s hatred for female hairstyles of the 1940s, the gayness of mustaches, and other nails hammered into your extremities. So, relax and let the music… slay!

Evil Hands | The Beast With Five Fingers: The Short Story | EP36: Mad Love | Peter Lorre | Max Steiner | Paul Kills His Playmate Girlfriend | Blackenstein | The Face Behind The Mask | Barbara Crampton Sex Robot | Third Floor – Death Angel | Robert Alda | Chaconne (Violin Partita – V) No. 2 in D minor – Bach / Brahms | Robert Florey | Punch Daggers / Push Knives | Balk | Ervin Nyiregyházi | Murder Someone to ’80s Music

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During difficult economic times, people will do a lot of things to make a few bucks: selling precious heirlooms, downgrading on living spaces, less socializing, riding public transportation… but robbing graves to sell corpses to medical science? That’s a whole new level of commitment. And speaking of two people who should be committed, join Matt and Jason as they dig up all of the dirty details on the 1945 thriller, The Body Snatcher. Gather ’round the autopsy table as we dissect ethical quandaries, Matt’s hatred of horses, drug slang, pretty young things, Jason’s summer rage and, oh yeah, some stuff about this movie, too. Following the gruesome lecture, your handsome hosts chat about recently-watched DVDs. You’ll never get rid of us, never get rid of us, never get rid of us…

What We’re Drinking | Val Lewton | The Body-Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson | Burke & Hare | Hey Is For Horse Haters | You’re Pretty, We Like You! | Tintin | Nazis: They Liked To Experiment | Because It’s Weird When James Brown Tells You Not To Do Drugs | Screw Mengele, Hobbs Is the Angel of Death! | Thriller (Hint: Not Michael Jackson’s) | Shirley Temple Got Hot | Boris Karloff | Robert Wise | Someone’s Hung Up on Hanged

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Having a cat in your home for the first time involves more than you think. Cats are not necessarily the cuddly creatures some people imagine and you need to consider several things before sharing your abode with a feline: food costs, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, romantic jealousies, vicious attacks, brutal murderous rages, etc. Matt and Jason would like to help you through the transition with their commentary on the 1942 horror noir creeper, Cat People. Curl up in a ball and play with some yarn as M&J deliver the inside scoop on this Val Lewton classic, as well as pertinent discussion on crossdressing, public ogling, shoulder pads, wine, cats vs. dogs, and assorted obscenities. After the feature, zone out with some catnip as your hosts chat about their latest DVD viewings. Truly, a transforming experience.

Val Lewton | Welcome to the 3rd Floor | No Bed Of Her Own | Orson’s Getting Loaded | Cat Symbolism in Art | Working Girl | AMC: Film Noir | Carvel’s Ice Cream Cakes | Midnight Offerings | Divorce That Crazy Bitch! | There Were Sheep In Central Park | Come and Knock On Our Door… | Rankin-Bass | S[ermo] |||

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Here are two men with impure hearts, who never say their prayers at night,
But become wolves when the podcast starts, and the beer is chilled just right.

Yes, this is our completely hokey segue to the description of our commentary on the 1941 masterpiece of lycanthropic study known as The Wolf Man. Take a journey to the shadowy borderlands of man’s animal nature, or simply enjoy two drinking guys chatting up their love for classic horror. You have a choice, unlike that poor Larry Talbot. After the feature, we’ll have our post-movie talk and maybe say some other clever things. AHHH-OOH!

Cry Wolf | King Lycaeon | The Book of Werewolves | Lon Chaney Sr./Jr. | Innocent Blood | Harry Potter’s Forehead Scar | Bowler Hat | Ectopic Pregnancy | Coffins at Walmart | Circus Circus Reno | Lucky Charms | Gypsy | Time-Lapse Photography | The Starchild and Bat-Demon Show | Gloria Stuart | It’s Not Unusual To Love Tom Jones

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