You cannot escape destiny by running away. It lies in the shadows, pale and ravenous, beckoning you to darkly embrace this commentary on 1922’s Nosferatu. Stretch out your neck and anticipate the bite of film facts, the Land of Pens, the implications of “Schatten”, those pesky Allied Forces, Jason’s dog tracking adventure, gay Hollywood, the shock of prohibition, Jurgen the computer hoarder, landlubbers and, let us not forget, the SHEKEL MESSIAH! So, feel free to listen in. But, it will cost you sweat and tears, and perhaps… a little blood.

Dracula by Bram Stoker | Drakula halála | Nosferatu and the Occult(ists) | Albin Grau | Biedermeier, Biedermeier, Biedermeier… | Wismar: A Pictorial | Luebeck | Aardvark vs. Anteater | Hans Erdmann | Max Schreck | Shadow of the Vampire | TCM: F.W. Murnau | At Dawn They Sleep – Slayer | Satanas | Nosferatu The Vampyre | Yes, THAT Bettie Page Mug | Leper Messiah – Metallica | Nosferatu with Type O Negative | Starý hrad Castle

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Spirits surround you on every side. Murder is in the air. And the mesmerizing voices of Matt and Jason cannot be resisted as you slowly open the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. You’ll find yourself in a hypnotic haze as you silently spiral into 1920 to witness movie facts, the Siegfried Steamer, those fun-loving Germans, the secret hidey-hole, Jason’s love of silent film gals, Matt’s use of “comely”, semi-consensual roleplaying, Hitler, the death of cursive writing, hotel Bible destruction, and other plots of doom. But, don’t ask us for more. You wouldn’t like to know your fate.

German Expressionism | EP3: The Black Cat | Dieter’s Dance Party | Death to Shields and Yarnell | The Seven Addictions and Five Professions of Anita Berber | Voluptuous Panic | Rock You Like A Hurricane – Scorpions | Somnambulism | Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse | Robert Wiene | Pease Porridge Hot | Monty Says: Let’s Make A Deal | Du Hast – Rammstein

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Hold onto your horns! Because Matt and Jason will be swigging Danish beer and getting all of the nuns aroused with their heretical commentary on the 1922 silent classic, Häxan. Demons and witches will encircle you and fill you with all sorts of naughty thoughts, including those on Christian misdeeds throughout history, reality shows, Jason’s skinhead side, dead baby jokes, wild women, the magic of silent films, and other delicious iniquities. Once the diabolical history lesson is over, your handsome hosts will return to discuss their recent DVD viewings. Witchy!

Benjamin Christensen | Malleus Maleficarum | Ulrich Molitor | Inquisition Timeline | Brocken sie Deutsch? | How To Pronounce “Goethe” | Medieval Life: It Was Hard | The Phantom Carriage | Modern Witchcraft In Africa | Osculum Infame | Speak of the Devil | Hays Code | Porn Parody Titles | Seven Footprints to Satan | Buy The Amityville Horror House

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It’s showtime! But, there’s more under the big top than just circus acts, smiling children, and cotton candy. The biggest show this night… is murder. And deceit. And betrayal. And… missing arms? The mystery of this perplexing combination unfolds as Matt and Jason shine the commentary spotlight on the 1927 silent flick, The Unknown. We’ll give you all you need to know about Lon Chaney, as well as the usual insight, wit, and off-track delights that Terror Transmission (and whiskey) can bring. Fun for the whole family… if your family is a bunch of maniacs and malcontents.

Lon Chaney | Hays and Confused | Joan Crawford | WAMPAS Baby Stars | Dissection Can Be Entertaining | Killing Christians – Playmobil Style | Was Mommie Really Dearest? | Boy Wonder? More Like Sexual Dynamo | Break Out The Monster Cards | Body Integrity Identity Disorder | It’s Animal Crackers, Matt | Whiskey Face | Some Girls Love Horses… A Lot | The Sentinel | Tod Browning: Rich Bitch | Monster Bash 2010

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