The curse of Satan has been placed. And only Matt and Jason can aid you in removing the killing mask and avenging your bloodline through their commentary on the 1960 Bava classic, Black Sunday (also known as The Mask of Satan). It’s like a succulent Italian feast of evil, but with some perversion and vampirism sprinkled on top. Oh, sweet Barbara Steele’s cleavage, it is delicious! After your gruesome meal, stay tuned for M&J’s recent DVD viewings, and a new listener contest giveaway. Que bella!

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The Colony. A relaxing retreat for those in need of escaping the hustle and bustle of urban life. A gathering of supportive and like-minded individuals. A place to collect one’s thoughts… of transforming into a rampaging lycanthropic beast bent on carnage and wild abandon. Yes, it’s werewolf time once more, and Matt and Jason are bringing out their own version of fang and claw with their commentary on the 1981 splatter spectacular, The Howling. All bases are covered: film background, philosophy, special effects, history, boobies… you know, the important stuff. Then stick around post-movie for M&J’s chat on their recent DVD viewings.

An American Werewolf In London | Rob Bottin | The Howling: The Book | John Holmes Superstar | The Good Ol’ Times (Square) | Encore, Velour! | Lycanthropy – The Basics | Elisabeth Brooks | Forrest J. Awesome-man | Gee, I’m Really Stumpp’d | Playboy – December 1981 | Wolf Brand Chili | RX-7 NOW! | Will To Power Bar | Evil Overlord List | Joe Dante | Timescape Zero

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The Kaiju onslaught has begun and Tokyo’s not the only town in trouble. Whether by land or by sky, the monster attack is on and Matt and Jason are there with their commentary for the 1968 suitmation smackdown known as Destroy All Monsters. The roll call is impressive: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Rodan, Baragon, Varan, Kumonga, Manda, Anguirus, Minilla and Gorosaurus. Through an oriental haze of Sake and Plum Wine, M&J give you so much background and fun on this flick, you’ll want to breathe fire and stomp on major cities posthaste. It’s Japan-tastic!

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He comes from out of the murky depths, covered in slime and waiting to viciously seize you with his cold and clammy hands. He’s tenacious, he’s hungry for flesh, he’s… Jason on a cheap wine-fueled bender at the strip bars? Well, yes, but it’s also an apt description for the star of our commentary’s movie, 1954’s Creature From The Black Lagoon. Guided by two strange men wearing 3-D glasses, your fateful Amazonian expedition will take you further and further downstream to witness all of the fun and fear of this Universal classic. After the film, stick around for M&J’s recent horror DVD viewings and some serious hint-dropping on the next movie. So, jump on in for a swim… perhaps, your very last.

Also, check out our video interview with Julie Adams!

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Dust off your terry cloth bathrobes and eyeball pentacle necklaces because it’s time for Matt and Jason to put on the commentary cheer for the 1977 drive-in devil flick, Satan’s Cheerleaders. Through margarita goggles, M&J relay the finer points of ’70s extracurricular erotica with a cheesy devil-worship edge, going deep into the hirsute jungle in order to tell the tale to you fine pre-verts. After the feature, expect listener mail, contest details, and more. One for all and all for one, Terror Transmission has a ball (or… four)!

NEW: Watch Jason make our episodic drinks and introduce EP15’s guest star!

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Life (or lack thereof) can be difficult for the recently reanimated. Whether it’s trying to find gainful employment or that special someone, it can be tough at times to fit in with a world of smiling, happy, as-yet-undead people. That’s why we at Terror Transmission have developed this commentary for the 1985 sci-fi/horror spectacular, Re-Animator; to help you in your time of need. Sit back and relax your rotting and mutated limbs as Matt and Jason lull you into a state of drooling hypnotic bliss, comforting you with their movie facts and related background, their strange choice in wine, and their ravenous appetite for bubble-headed coeds. After the film, M&J will give you some sense of closure with their recent DVD viewings, details on the next contest giveaway, and more. Welcome back to life!

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Bonus Link: Maxwell House of ReAnimator

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As thunderclaps shatter the calm and rain pours down in torrential waves, your only refuge from the harsh elements is this episode of Terror Transmission as Matt and Jason spin tales of murder and madness by the warming fire. Kick off your soggy boots, have a shot of gin, and change into something pretty as M&J comment upon the 1932 gothic suspense flick, The Old Dark House. After the feature, stay tuned for rundowns on M&J’s latest DVD viewings as well as Terror Transmission’s first giveaway!

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Rising from a century-old grave comes the Count to wreak vengeance, gather his followers, and… party with haughty English mods? Well, not exactly. But Matt and Jason will be haunting the swingin’ streets of London as they comment upon Hammer Film’s attempt to be hip, also known as Dracula A.D. 1972. M&J will be rapping about hot chicks, groovy movie facts, far out personal trips, and then mellowing out with some post-movie chat and listener e-mail. So, open up a vein and hang with some righteous horror cats. Can you dig it?

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The masquerade has begun and the attendants will all be wearing RED. And from high atop the castle of Prospero, your two handsome hosts will be regaling you with tales of carnality and chaos as they comment upon the 1964 Poe adaptation, The Masque of the Red Death. Wine will be consumed, bosoms will be ogled, and great thoughts will be… thunk? Yes, it will be a veritable feast of aural pleasure. Just don’t look behind the mask.

Corman Gets His Oscar | Price’s Thriller “Voice Session” | The Black Widow | Theatre of Tragedy | Vlad The Impaler | Quilty | Seance on a Wet Afternoon | Machiavelli | Vincent (1982) | An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe | Return of the Fly – Misfits | The Bal des Ardents | Hazel Court | Baklava? | Balaclava? | American International Pictures | Papa Gino’s | Red Death – The Action Figure | Sic Transit Gloria Mundi | Hell Of All Hells

Bonus link: Vincent Price on The Dating Game

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Christmas. A time for presents and pretty lights. A time for family gatherings and cheerful songs. A time for… bloody carnage? Well, in this latest installment of Terror Transmission, that’s what you get in the form of the 1984 killer Santa flick, Silent Night, Deadly Night. Matt opens the gift of teen memories while Jason’s package contains a whole lot of love for scream queen, Linnea Quigley, not to mention other goodies under the tree. So, gorge yourself on candy canes and egg nog as you enjoy our commentary on this holiday horror favorite. Are you naughty enough?

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