The herd masses obediently view the world in terms of manufactured dichotomies: good vs. evil, left vs. right, sacred vs. profane, ad nauseam. This constant indoctrination of accepting forced dualities comes from many, including religion, government, education, parenting, and various purportedly authoritative sources. For the multitudes, there are only two sides to any issue. The thinly-veiled reality is that a third side often exists and it has no room for lofty ideals and spared feelings. It is practical, without illusion, and decisive. It is nature exemplified in man’s carnal drive to excel and, ultimately, to transcend the impositions put upon him by lesser minds.

Like the mythological transformation of the expelled Lucifer to the liberated Satan, so too are those who move beyond the popular lies of social convention and are able to explore forbidden territories without stinting. H.L. Mencken might have recognized this as “the capacity of man to conquer his world, and to find out what it is made of, and how it is run.” Whether it’s Friedrich Nietzsche’s “will to power” or William Ernest Henley’s “unconquerable soul,” men throughout history have understood the need to move past the vox populi and find their answers elsewhere — oftentimes, in themselves! And it’s that inner voice, the one that speaks freely and without shame, that yearns to project and carry outward. That is the spirit of The Accusation Network.

This means that there is no safe space. No harbor from offense. No trigger warnings, no political correctness, no privilege checking, no cultural inclusiveness. Gone are the restraints, the euphemisms, the socially sensitive language designed to obfuscate and appease. You think it. We say it.

As of current, we provide four podcasts under The Accusation Network banner.

The Accusation Party is your guide to the third side, representing critical thought and analysis with a complete disregard for mainstream censure. It is total free speech — no trigger warnings, no political correctness, no privilege checking, no cultural inclusiveness. Nothing is sacred. None will be spared.

Vintage Vinyl Vivisection takes you under the skin and straight to the meat of classic heavy metal and hard rock albums. No out-of-touch hipster nonsense or irrelevant political banter here. Just straight talk on records we all know and (mostly) love, brought to you by those who know what they’re actually talking about. Genre-related tangents will also occur.

Strange Moments in Cultural History is the class you never took in high school. Grab a seat up front and turn off your brain as we fill your head with tales of oddballs, villains, outcasts, flops and other lesser-known events in this thing we call human existence.

Although no longer produced, Terror Transmission was a monthly movie commentary podcast dedicated to classic horror from the silent era up until the late 1980s. Known as “The greatest horror commentary podcast… EVER!” throughout its 124-episode run, it now lives on in podcast syndication. Enjoy!

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