As a YouTube producer, I’m always looking for input on what I do, things I could do, and just random questions from my audience about… whatever! To that effect, I’m starting a series of Q&A videos where you ask and I answer. Pretty easy, really.

So, send me your questions — via private messages, e-mail, however you want. If messaging, let me know it’s for a Q&A. Thanks.

If this goes well, I might turn it into its own ongoing show.
Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to hear from you.


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Do you like classic hard rock and heavy metal albums? Are you into collecting vinyl records? Or do you just dig awesome facts about music? Let’s face it: do you like to have fun?

The Accusation Network is proud to present The Vinyl Reacquisition Project. Shot in glorious 4K resolution, this monthly video program is hosted by Matt G. Paradise and focuses on some of his vintage albums purchased that month, including album details, band facts, personal stories connected to the records and plenty of that fun mentioned previously.

Also included are MGP’s Classic Pick of the Month as well as a spotlight on a more modern release, sometimes from other genres. 

Become a patron of The Accusation Network through our Patreon page, found at In addition to this program, you’ll also find a wealth of audio podcasts, many of which exclusive to patrons.

Also listen to VRP’s companion podcast, Vintage Vinyl Vivisection, on which MGP and a guest co-host discuss a single album in depth. It’s fun, too!

Brought to you by The Accusation Network.

UPDATE: After a great deal of thought, I’ve decided to make this show public, including all future episodes. The Patreon tier has been changed to reflect this, and now will have specials and other bonus content from VRP for patrons only. So, ignore what I said at the end of the first episode. The show is now for ALL.

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In studio with us this episode is Joel Gausten ( and we’ll be talking about the fourth studio album from KISS, known as Destroyer. Discussion includes album production and charting, fan reactions, the cover art, and the standout tracks. Of course, there’s always more to the conversation, so we’ll also go into the influences that shaped our musical tastes, the need for sessions musicians on albums, the strange influence of Destroyer on power/symphonic metal, our favorite bad KISS lyrics and more. Show theme and additional music provided by Gyps Fulvus (

Vintage Vinyl Vivisection takes you under the skin and straight to the meat of classic heavy metal and hard rock albums. No out-of-touch hipster nonsense or irrelevant political banter here. Just straight talk on records we all know and (mostly) love, brought to you by those who know what they’re actually talking about. Genre-related tangents will also occur.

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