In studio with us this episode is Joel Gausten ( and we’ll be talking about the fourth studio album from KISS, known as Destroyer. Discussion includes album production and charting, fan reactions, the cover art, and the standout tracks. Of course, there’s always more to the conversation, so we’ll also go into the influences that shaped our musical tastes, the need for sessions musicians on albums, the strange influence of Destroyer on power/symphonic metal, our favorite bad KISS lyrics and more. Show theme and additional music provided by Gyps Fulvus (

Vintage Vinyl Vivisection takes you under the skin and straight to the meat of classic heavy metal and hard rock albums. No out-of-touch hipster nonsense or irrelevant political banter here. Just straight talk on records we all know and (mostly) love, brought to you by those who know what they’re actually talking about. Genre-related tangents will also occur.

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