And now, Terror Fiends, we’re going to give you the greatest thing your ears have ever beheld! The Eighth Wonder of the World… Matt and Jason’s commentary on the 1976 remake of King Kong. But don’t be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen. It’s all money and adventure and fame for your handsome hosts as they unchain movie background, comparisons to the original film, mime hatred, Jason’s new porno name, no one liking Grodin, Matt’s chloroform memories, sexual smorgasbords, the whiskey spit take, perceived racism, King Kong: 9/11 terrorist, and other ceremony spoilers. So, everybody on deck! We’re going on a crazy voyage.

Dino De Laurentiis | Gordon’s Alive, Bitches! | Sensurround! | Star Wars Condoms | Charles Grodin | Seance on a Wet Afternoon | Lloyd Bridges Picked The Wrong Week… | Sea Hunt | Jessica Lange | Shields and Yarnell | John Randolph | Lorenzo Semple Jr. | Rick Baker | My, What Big Eyes You Have! | Peter Cullen’s Voice Work | John Guillermin | King Kong Lives | Evel and His Canyon Jump | Disaster Movies of the 1970s | The Honey Badger Is Beyond Your Concern For What He Does (NSFW) | King Kong Movie Poster | Trick or Treat | Let’s Go To Princess Aura’s Secret Pleasure Moon

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