Beauty might have killed the beast but there is no way to shackle down and tame this episode of Terror Transmission. Matt and Jason are liquored up and ready to take you on a grim expedition through the dense jungle of Skull Island for their captive commentary on 1933’s King Kong. You might not get the damsel in distress but you’ll get plenty of film facts, conservationism, Jesus and his dinosaur fetish, Matt’s dream “yacht rock” outfit, perfect areolas, the Official Terror Transmission Ebola Charity Donation Fund, swimming seamen, child-coddling / gender-neutral / everyone’s-a-winner / anti-boy magazine ideas, fake prehistoric animals, wealth vs. sex, the muscle baby cameo, a brief history of giant monsters in film and other gorilla tactics. Holy mackerel! What a show!

Eat Some King Dong Tonight | Don’t Dream It, Be It! | RKO | Merian C. Cooper | Tippi and Togare | Scientists “Prove” Jesus Rode The Dinosaurs | The Name’s Penishands… Edward Penishands | King Kong Overture – Max Steiner | The Most Dangerous Game | Morrie’s Wigs (NSFW) | Bruce Cabot | The Command To Look by William Mortensen | TCM: Fay Wray | WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1926 | Stroheim | StroHEIM | STROHEIM | Dawn Patrol – Megadeth | Dead End | Deep Thoughts with Nietzsche | “Satan Holds Court In Hell” by Gustave Doré | Land of the Lost | Lochness – Judas Priest | Buckwheat’s Greatest Hits | Don King: He Has Silly Hair | Ernest B. Schoedsack | The Lost World (1925) | Puttin’ On The Ritz – Taco | KISS Meets The Empire State Building | Son of Kong

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