Will listening to this podcast be enough to stop the huge beast? Will the miracle be granted? Or will it be yet another of man’s puny efforts to oppose this irresistible force of ancient nature? Probably that last one. But, don’t be sad. Down a few pints of lager and let Matt and Jason lead you to the circus’s most fearsome attraction: 1961’s Gorgo. Sure, we’ll probably have to answer for all of the urban devastation in our drunken path, but in the meanwhile, we can enjoy movie facts, Jason’s fear of patricide, the joys of gutter-stepping, Asian perversions, non-smoking co-hosts, the uselessness of guilt, dancing penises, the divisiveness of Gamera, vicariously living through destructive monsters, and other things that should not be. Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Helpless? Then we’ve done our job.

The King Brothers. They Made Movies | Newsies on Strike | (scene from) The Gangster | Eugène Lourié | Wake Up Dead – Megadeth | Blue Screens | Captain’s Hats | ’80s Movie Douchebags | Gene Simmons Boots Influenced By Gorgo? | Judge For Yourself! | Bathysphere | Suitmation | Everybody Cut Pubococcygeus-Loose! | Gorgo: The Comic Book | The Giant Behemoth | Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg | Dawn Patrol – Megadeth | Angelo Francesco Lavagnino | Video Nasties List

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