Buongiorno, Demoni del Terrore! Step into the parlor and let Matt and Jason make you a nice pizza pie… along with a special vino just for you: Deep Red, vintage 1975. After a few bottles, you might feel a bit woozy, so lie down in the back of the Ferrari as your handsome hosts take you for a ride through movie background, loads of giallo film recommendations, Italian gender-bending, the power of J&B scotch, the glory of unfettered breasts, the beauty of cinematic death, the creepiness of puppets, Jason’s fear of little girls, arguments about pajamas, Matt’s spontaneous desire to solve crimes and other means by which to smash faces of pretty girls into glass. Que bella!

Giallo Films | Mondadori | Giallo eBooks | Really Rich Italian Satanists – Dirty Sanchez | Dario Argento | David Hemmings | Daria Nicolodi | How To Pronounce… Machismo | Follow Your Nose… To The Flavors of FRUIT! | Jason Isn’t Playtex-ing Around | Necrophilia Laws In The U.S. | Hot Tub Death Scene from Halloween II (NSFW) | Goblin | Your Guide To Peplum | Claudio Simonetti | Profondo Rosso (Live) – Daemonia | Charlie Manson Has A Few Things To Say | Mr T: Still Sporting The Mohawk? | Sleepless

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