How can you keep two handsome hosts of a horror commentary podcast from turning into a thousand ugly monsters? First, don’t pour cheap liquor onto (or into) them. Second, make sure they can’t record at night and away from all sunlight. And, third, stop them from feeding after midnight upon 1984’s Gremlins. Well, okay, you really can’t stop them so you might as well stand aside and let them make a mess of movie details, teen rebel memories, Jason’s hatred for Aretha Franklin and shoulder pads, Matt’s comparison of Gremlins to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, plenty of Phoebe Cates worship, burlesque bosoms, Richie Rich, the glorious greed of Christmas, horror in malls, Gizmo the Ladies’ Man and other adorable cries from the ornate Chinese box. So, listen in or we’ll stuff your dead dad down the chimney in a Santa suit.

Steven Spielberg: He Makes Money | People of Walmart | Joe Dante’s Inner Circle of Horror | Listen To Our Episode On The Howling, Too | Will The Real Don Steele Please Stand Up? | Gizmo: The Plush Toy | Gremlins Cereal | Too Young To Fall In Love – Mötley Crüe | Howie “Bane Of All Existence” Mandel | J.D.’s Revenge | Dick Miller | Yes, THAT Phoebe Cates Pool Scene (NSFW) | Hemo The Magnificent | Jerry Goldsmith | Robby… He’s A Robot | Star Wars: The Arcade Game | Krampus: Not A German Woman On A Bad Period | Montgomery Ward Is Still Around

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