It’s late at night and you’re driving down a lonely highway. As your last ounce of strength to fight off sleep is exhausted, you see a neon sign through the rain-splashed windshield. It directs you to a seemingly quaint motel with plenty of vacancies. What a relief! All you want to do is rest… but this could also be your final resting place. What to do? Well, don’t bother with that useless Bible in the nightstand drawer when you can get all of the survival tips you need from Matt and Jason’s commentary on the 1960 Hitchcockian hair-raiser, Psycho. Your handsome hosts don’t set a fancy table, but the kitchen is full of movie facts, Hitchcock’s profile, Jason’s poorly-hidden sex toys, ethical grey areas, oversized ’60s bras, bad hair, taxidermy as sexual metaphor, phone booths, Lemmy, Matt’s Hollywood metal memories, and one suspiciously missing butcher knife. But don’t concern yourself with that. After all, they wouldn’t even harm a fly.

The New Biopic About Hitchcock That We Failed To Mention On The Show | Psycho by Robert Bloch | Ed Gein | Alfred Hitchcock | Captain Jack – Billy Joel (Not about JD, by the way) | Alfred Hitchcock Presents | Bernard Herrmann | Hitch Scares Twiggy | Meet The Pinkertons | Richard Band Steals From Herrmann | Staccato | Rope | Janet Leigh | Psycho ’98 | Build Your Own Bates Mansion | Anthony Perkins | Norman Bates School of Motel Management | Calvin Thomas Beck’s Psycho Connection | Where’s The Psycho House? | Bates Motel – Meliah Rage | Manitou – Venom | Nuns Have No Fun – Mercyful Fate | Touch of Evil (Jason’s Favorite Song) – Judas Priest | London Leatherboys – Accept

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