Who could possibly gather all of the monsters together for a fun-filled romp during the spookiest time of the year? None other than your handsome Halloweeny hosts as we serve up a stop-motion animation feast from 1967 known as Mad Monster Party. Learn all about the secrets of destruction as well as movie background, anti-unicorn sentiments, hot puppets, ethnic humor in a PC world, the failures of unattractive people, Jason’s unnatural love for Phyllis Diller, reflections on Hitler, zine fondness, chicks who dig a little struggle, special treatment for special people and other facts that will keep you one step ahead. The invitation is sent. Will YOU attend?

Rankin/Bass | Boris Karloff | The Return of the Universal Monsters | Bow Down and Worship The Heat Miser! | Stop-Motion Animation: A Brief History | Alan Swift | Phyllis Diller | WLVI TV56 – Old School | Lady Elaine: Scary Lesbian Puppet | Davey, Goliath, and their Dumb Jesus, Too | Stop Being Such A Hamm | Jackie Mason: Still Alive! | Master of Puppets – Metallica | Tadahito Mochinaga | Jason Speaks French | Funky Broadway – Dyke and the Blazers | The Children | DON’T Click This Link For Gale Garnett | London Are NOT Role Models For Your Life | Sherry “Show Me Some Action” Jackson | King Kong 1966 | Morrie’s Hurricane-Tested Wigs | Mad Mad Mad Monsters | The Bone Yard

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