How far would you go for fame, fortune, sex and… really great piano playing skills? Would you sell your soul to the Devil? Would you trade in your meager existence for someone else’s far better one? Tough decisions. But, what’s much easier than that is bowing before the altar of Terror Transmission and giving yourself fully to our commentary on 1971’s The Mephisto Waltz. Drift off to an eternal slumber of film background, the sensitive Alan Alda, ’70s love sandwiches, the fine art of selectivity, fanny lust, sex lords, teeth tangents, pre-teen soap opera addiction, hard spankings and other multilingual divinations from two horny (but handsome) drunks in creepy masks. By sweet Shalimar, let it be done!

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3 thoughts on “TT76: The Mephisto Waltz

  1. Hi M&J,
    slighty disappointed you didn’t follow the awesome Blood For Dracula episode with Flesh For Frankenstein,but hey,wha’da fuck;you can’t please all the people all the the time.
    Still enjoyed this episode though.Jacqueline Bisset,hmmm lovely.
    Stay sick ‘n’ outta jail guys.

  2. What a great choice for a TT episode!

    If I’m remembering correctly this used to get shown every now and then on ch.38/The Movie Loft with Dana Hersey.

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