These days, finding a chaste woman can be difficult. You could roam the countryside hither and yon and still not find a pure source of untainted blood from which to suck greedily. I mean, let’s face it, being a vampire is a real pain in the ass. To alleviate some of that misery, listen to Matt and Jason as they take you on a hopeless journey through 1974’s Blood for Dracula. Feast upon the impure meat of movie facts, the joy of Warhol hatred, being topical, wirgins, dirty undercarriages, lax vampires, making fun of Tony Scott, intentional baldness, foreign charm, failed idealism, and other oily inedibles. Then for dessert, enjoy some delicious e-mails. So, listen in, and we’ll treat ya real sweet.

What Matt’s Drinking | What Jason’s “Not” Drinking | Paul “I Wasn’t In The Smiths” Morrissey | Udo Kier | Boy… Meet Turtle | Vittorio De Sica | Roman Polanski | Flesh For Frankenstein | Don’t Hate Kelly Because She Was Beautiful In The ’80s | Stefania Casini | Iron Chef | Analingus: Not A Toho Movie Monster | Portmanteau | Automat | King at the King | Monty Python’s Black Knight

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