No footprints, no blood, no sign of a struggle. That might sound like the clever post-cleanup from one of Matt’s or Jason’s dates gone wrong, but it also describes the ghastly remains of a super-spider’s lunch! What to do? Well, pay close attention as your handsome hosts weave a web of commentary around you, protecting you from the strange side effects of 1955’s Tarantula! As the anti-toxin flows through your veins, enjoy the trip of movie background, lusting the grown up Shirley Temple, the joy of being cultural shut-ins, quack science, women in a man’s film world, lots of movies your hosts like, drunken Nietzscheans, Jason’s fear of spiders, and other creepy crawlers. After the napalm drops, retreat to your own peaceful desert as M&J discuss recent films viewed. And, remember: Science or no science, a girl’s got to get her hair done.

American Tarantula Society | Creature Double Feature | The Giant Claw | EP5: Them! | Tarantula vs. Peter Brady | Leo G. Carroll Was Over A Barrel… | Acromegaly | Jack Arnold | Moore’s Law | Mara Corday’s Showing Some Skin | John Agar | The Giant Spider Invasion | Turner’s Broadcasting Stuff | Land of the Lost | EP47: House on Haunted Hill | Clint Eastwood’s In This One, Too

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4 thoughts on “TT74: Tarantula!

  1. I flat out refuse to do the whole Facebutt/Tweeter thing, but I feel compelled to say Huzzah and Hey Nonny Nonny to ye both…so there.

    Great show…Hail to the non-existent Satan.!!

  2. Hey J&M,another great show guys.
    Can’t remember when i first saw Tarantula but i’m pretty certain it was a saturday afternoon television showing on the BBC.I’m in my early forties now and my good lady and i still watch this movie on a regular basis,it’s so entertaining and it makes us laugh.In fact we watched it again after listening to podcast as a double bill with Lewis Teague’s Alligator,the John Sayles script pays great homage to the creature features of the past.
    Hail to thee TT.

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