Adolescence is a world of rapid uncertain change, social and cultural upheaval, and a period of turmoil in which the boundaries of normality and pathology seem notoriously indefinite. But for one young man, it is also a moment of discovering that he’s the freakin’ ANTICHRIST! So, before you start sticking holy daggers into random teenagers, please consult this commentary for 1978’s Damien: Omen II. It’ll be a real revelation when you uncover movie facts, the return of the Mini Moose, crow vs. raven, staying away from frozen lakes, fireworks fiascos, rewriting biblical mythology, gay perms, Matt’s discovery of the foot rest, outsider teen struggles and other beastly blasphemies. Now, it’s time to put away childish things and come with us. We won’t ask you again.

Book of Revelation | Harvey Bernhard | Satanic Panic | Underground Passage of Acre Citadel | Sylvia Sidney | Northwestern Military and Naval Academy | Lance Henriksen | William Holden | Trapped Under Ice – Metallica | The Other “Death by Ice” Movie | Cold Shock Response | Choose Your Own (Evil) Adventure | Damien: Omen II – The Soundtrack | Don Taylor | The Sound That Jackals Make | Visiting Hours | You Must Watch Midnight Offerings… NOW

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