We’re coming. We’re waiting at the edge of the city, peering around buildings at night, anticipating your submission to our commentary on the 1973 release of Messiah of Evil. As the blood moon rises, lie down on the swinging bed and enjoy details on the film, as well as Jason’s gas station rage, albino mulattos, Farrah’s nipples, Metallica’s downfall, theater prices, sexual compromising, more pre-Monster Bash scheming and one manly, macho high-five! So don’t be afraid. Once you’ve been taken, no one will hear you SCREAM!

Willard Huyck | Gloria Katz | Acres (of) Books | Where Joseph Lang’s House Is | Mariann(a) Hill: Definitely Italian | Knock, Knock. Who’s There? No One! | Elisha Cook Jr. | Anitra and Her Miniskirt | Because The Night – Patti Smith | Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye | Gone With The West – The WHOLE Movie! | Ouisch | Bang – Gorky Park | Royal “Book ‘Em” Dano | Dinner Theater | Hold On To Love – Raun MacKinnon

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One thought on “TT70: Messiah of Evil

  1. haven’t even listened to the episode yet, but i just wanted say thanks for doing one of my all time favorite movies. obscure as all hell too. for people who don’t have a copy, they’re floating around out there, find one and watch it. i’ll meet you guys down by the meat counter at Ralphs later.

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