Purchasing a home can be a costly and sometimes risky endeavor. In addition to bad neighborhoods, high utility bills, mortgages, remodeling issues, and other assorted hassles, you might also have to deal with a terrifying ancestral curse leading to total structural collapse… with YOU IN IT! Before you buy, consider our cautionary commentary on 1960’s House of Usher. At our open house, we’ll give you the full tour of movie details, Matt’s Sex-Mex excursions, crassmanship, the King Diamond / Cesar Romero connection, “Dick”s, alcoholic nostalgia, trashing Matheson, the therapeutic value of confessions, and other mortal expenditures. After the dust settles, stick around for discussion on recently watched movies. Is there no end to our horrors? No. None whatsoever.

Poe – Corman – Price | The Fall of the House of Usher – The Story | The Fall of the House of Usher (1928) by Jean Epstein | Omigod, Like, I’d Totally Melt With You | The Raven (2012) | How I Made A Hundred Movies In Hollywood, blah, blah, blah… | Mr. Warmth | Roger Corman | Cinematologopoloscope | AIP Movie List | Price radio performance of Pit and the Pendulum | Myrna Fahey on tumblr | Please, Please, Please Listen To EP54 | Creature. Double. Feature. | Sex Ed for Trainables | Beach Blanket Bingo | Les Baxter | Braineaters – Misfits | “I Don’t Know!” | House of Whacks | Streisand: Still Alive | Lick My Love Pop | The Brady Boys Meet Vincent Price… and OLIVER! | House of Usher on NFR 2005 List

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