Listen to them. No, NOT the children of the night… Matt and Jason! And while you’re bedecked in your best cape and fangs, your handsome hosts will be compelled to present their corpuscular commentary on the 1979 version of Dracula. Leave your crosses and wafers behind because you’ll really want to sink your teeth into movie background, apt comparisons to Coppola’s Dracula, the silliness of belief in evil, Langella’s hair, the dark side of romance, Jason’s Harker hate, EVERYONE’s Keanu hate, the eternal need for snacks and various other creatures needing to be dragged into the sunlight. And when it all turns to dust, follow M&J to the funeral where they’ll discuss recently watched DVDs. So, follow us. Because you love to be frightened.

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One thought on “TT62: Dracula (1979)

  1. Geez, this brings me back. Haven’t seen this film since the days of rabbit ears and VHF stations. I’m curious to see what the color corrected version looks like, as I’ve only seen the televised version.

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