Is it a place of lodging, or a farm, or a shop for cheap, quality meats? Well, it’s ALL THREE, silly! So, just plant yourself in the secret garden and listen to Terror Transmission’s hypnotic commentary on 1980’s Motel Hell. And if you think Farmer Vincent’s fritters taste strange, wait until you get a load of Matt and Jason as they playfully grind up some movie details, more VHS nostalgia, population control, flirting with cannibalism, how to score damaged chicks, implied incest, fat-kid anger, Jason’s girlfriend’s hummus and various other schemes to lure you into compliance. Too many people, not enough food, but just the right amount of facts and funny. And, best of all… NO preservatives!

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One thought on “TT61: Motel Hell

  1. Geez, this really takes me back. I remember getting issue 9, I think it was, of Fangoria, which had Motel Hell on the cover.

    As for this episode, I thought it flew by. Was thinking it may have been a much shorter episode than usual, but that wasn’t the case, just a fun, that happened to really go by quick.

    Another thing, you can really learn a lot listening to TT episodes. So far I’ve learned that gin and tonics re the weapons of choice for gmilf hunters, that midgets are for harpooning, and that the best dates are emotionally scarred girls with deep seated psychological problems. 🙂

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