TT60: Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster

Konichiwa! Now drop those sushi rolls because terror’s coming to Tokyo once more and only Matt and Jason can truly bring you the kaiju assault with their commentary on the 1964 release of Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster. Like a cross-dressing Venusian, we reveal way too much, including movie trivia, the human side of monster films, cooperating co-hosts, girls who are funny (and hot), stereotypes, Jason’s strange “cleansing” diet, how to become Emperor of Japan, “get-along” juice and other stir-fried shenanigans. It ain’t over ’til the Mothra Twins sing and, once they do, get ready for some recently-watched DVD talk from your handsome hosts. OHIO!

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8 thoughts on “TT60: Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster

  1. Glad you enjoyed it. And, oh yes… there will be more kaiju.

    Perhaps if everyone requested Gamera — even better, a Gamera RETROSPECTIVE — we could all drive Jason mad. And wouldn’t THAT be fun?

  2. Would I lose any credibility with him if he knew that I asked for and got all three of the Gamera remakes from the …90’s? for Christmas?

    On Blu-Ray?

  3. As for Toho films worthy of your scrutiny…..maybe Frankenstein Conquers the World with it’s semi-sequel War of the Gargantuas for the first ever Terror Transmission Double Feature?

  4. “We all go a little mad sometimes”, and I’m going a little mad just thinking about that flaming tortoise.

  5. You could never lose credibility with Gamera. He’s friend to all children… and Gamera movie buyers, too.

    He even gets a little extra flamey when you purchase the Blu-Rays. So… you’re good!

  6. Frankenstein Conquers The World and War of the Gargantuas would, imo, make excellent choices for upcoming TT episodes, as would any of the giant Daimajin flicks.

    As for Gamera, I definitely think a retrospective is in order, and I definitely think Matt and Jason are the only ones capable of doing a proper one.

    So hear that guys, there’s a grassroots movement taking shape and they want their Gamera served up TT style!

  7. Can you even imagine how drunk we (and by that I mean Matt) would be by the second episode? A double feature is a GREAT idea, though! So long as I can shave Matt’s beard in a funny Gamera-shaped pattern when he passes out on my (wine-soaked/hobo-dog) carpet! I’m in!!

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