TT57: The Return of the Living Dead

We’re sorry to disturb you but we’re at Q-2 status. It looks like we found that lost commentary for 1985’s The Return of the Living Dead. Yes, Terror Fiends, we’re pretty sure. We’re getting confirmations on this in the form of film facts, fast zombies, vengeful party hats, ’80s punks, wizard sleeves, the perverted majesty of Blu-ray, dog-urine birthday cakes, the wrongness of “Thom” and other rabid weasels. Apparently, there is no contingency plan and all that can be heard is a cry of BRAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINS! So, given your options, are you wondering what would be the most horrible way to die? Well, not hearing this episode, of course!

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One thought on “TT57: The Return of the Living Dead

  1. Yes, finally! Thanks!

    And ya did not disappoint on this one.

    I agree with the both of yous that ROTLD 2 was definitely not up to snuff but I was wondering what yous guys thought of ROTLD 3?

    I don’t think it is a masterpiece but I think that it contains a spark of genius that just didn’t translate well for whatever reason.

    And it has that unmistakeable Yuzna touch….

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