TT56: It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Ladies and gentlemen! You have been called here again to receive further information from the farthest reaches of our galaxy. We will relay teleradio commentary for the 1958 interplanetary monstrosity, It! The Terror From Beyond Space. Once assumed to be lost in the cosmos, Matt and Jason are still at the helm, guiding their metallic missile straight into movie trivia, Jason’s endless list of “favorite” movies, getting around sodomy laws, George Lucas’s neck, the Occupy Pantyless Women movement, quack science in films and other murderous Martian madness. Following touchdown, your handsome crew will debrief you on their recently watched DVDs. Enjoy. But make sure you close that darn hatch!

Voyage of the Space Beagle | Alien | Paul Blaisdell | It Conquered The World | KHAAAAAAN! | Or, maybe just… Cahn | No, Not THIS Mr. Big | Yes, THAT Mr. B.I.G. | Mound of Venus | Gimme My Purple Lightsaber! | Lost In (Judy’s) Space | Jerome Bixby | Fade To Black | Van Heusen Says To Buy A Nice Shirt | The Honey Badger Is Very Much Lacking In Concern | Buck Rogers In The Awesomely Hot Chicks In Spandex Century | Ann Doran | Fantastic Monsters | It! The Parody From Twisted Flicks

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One thought on “TT56: It! The Terror From Beyond Space

  1. Wow, I can’t tell you guys how much I enjoyed this episode! Think this one ranks right up there with your Frankenstein episode in terms of pure enjoyment.

    And maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think It!, along with Planet of the Vampires, is a hell of lot more fun to watch than Alien.

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