Something happened to Antonio Bay tonight. Something came and tried to destroy them. We tried to warn the inhabitants but they refused to listen to our commentary on 1980’s The Fog. But if this episode had been anything but a nightmare of porn fluffers, powerful mustaches, deformed children, naughty priests and modern cinema complaints, the dark icy death could have come again. To the Terror Fiends at sea who can hear our voices, look across the water, into the darkness. The midnight hour is near… and we’re almost out of booze!

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3 thoughts on “TT50: The Fog

  1. I peed my pants a little when I first saw this poster (in my defense, I was 6, and Jamie Lee Curtis does look like a child-hungry horse). I still regard it as perhaps the most unnerving poster ever composed along with the poster from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Glad you dig!

  2. Excellent commentary, on a great horror film. Can’t wait to listen to all of your commentaries!

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