TT48: Night of the Living Dead

These are the facts as we know them. There is an epidemic of mass murder being committed by a virtual army of unidentified assassins. So, stay in your homes and keep a close listen to this episode of Terror Transmission as we warn you of the dangers of 1968’s Night of the Living Dead. Eyewitnesses describe two of the assassins as handsome, well-spoken and answering to the names of Matt and Jason. They also appear to have a lot of say about the dissolution of the American family, fear and identity, social breakdown, gang bang records and mass murder fantasies, plus M&J’s making of “Night of the Living Deadbeats” parody short and some brief mentions of Monster Bash 2011 happenings. Once they’re finished getting “all messed up,” join your hosts as they discuss recent DVD viewings. Now get the hell down in the cellar!

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2 thoughts on “TT48: Night of the Living Dead

  1. This film is a particular favorite of mine. I’ve met many of the cast at conventions and have several releases of the film on various formats….including the 30th Anniversary DVD, autographed by John Russo. *sigh*. (Back when I saw Mr. Russo he wasn’t selling dirt for $20, it was replicas of the Marilyn Eastman’s pearl necklace for $30, I did not purchase one).

    Even with my intimate knowledge of this film Jason was able to scrounge up several tidbits that were new to me. Great episode, thanks!

  2. I’m amazed that with all the times I’ve seen this and all I thought I knew about this, you guys made it new and interesting.


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