TT47: House on Haunted Hill

Welcome, Terror Fiends. It seems Matt and Jason have rented a house tonight so that they can give a party, and you’re all invited. There will be food and drink and ghosts, and perhaps even a few murders. If any of you will spend the next two hours listening to our commentary on 1959’s House on Haunted Hill… well, we won’t give you each ten thousand dollars. But we will give you some spooktacular synopses on movie gimmicks, William Castle, giant blonde mullets, bad relationship advice, mondegreens, and some truly heart-stopping facts on our feature film. The party’s starting now. Are you brave enough to stay all night?

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4 thoughts on “TT47: House on Haunted Hill

  1. Funny you picked this film, because I spent all last week ODing on the Spine Tingler dvd extras.

    I knew about Castle getting arrested on his cross country trip to Hollywood, but I nearly busted a gut when I heard about the hooker in the hotel room.

    Thanks again for making these always enjoyable and educational podcasts.

  2. Jason: Did you catch the documentary on William Castle that’s been playing on the documentary Channel? I think that it was called “Spine Tingler.” I was just wanting to know if your research lined up with what was presented in it.

    Sometimes documentaries are not exactly accurate.

  3. SPINE TINGLER is a wonderful documentary and is a thoroughly accurate, if whitewashed, presentation of William Castle’s life. Much of the ‘insider’ info was taken right from his autobiography and colored marvelously with corroborating recollections from those who actually knew him firsthand which results in a work that manages to be thoroughly entertaining while informative and authentic. Simply put, this is one of the best darn-tootin’ documentaries I have ever seen.
    There was a DVD release of this a few years back on the William Castle box set and it has finally gotten a stand-alone release this June thru Automat Pictures. Consider it a must-see!

  4. Will comply, I always have a sweet spot for self-made men with a sort of carny approach. I don’t mind getting suckered in by Castle because his product is (what I know of it) good fun.

    As bad as the remake of House on Haunted Hill was, the sequel to the remake was absolutely unbearable. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t recommend it unless masochism is your thing.

    I see that Night of The Living Dead has just been posted, I can’t wait for the commentary.

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