TT46: The Body Snatcher

During difficult economic times, people will do a lot of things to make a few bucks: selling precious heirlooms, downgrading on living spaces, less socializing, riding public transportation… but robbing graves to sell corpses to medical science? That’s a whole new level of commitment. And speaking of two people who should be committed, join Matt and Jason as they dig up all of the dirty details on the 1945 thriller, The Body Snatcher. Gather ’round the autopsy table as we dissect ethical quandaries, Matt’s hatred of horses, drug slang, pretty young things, Jason’s summer rage and, oh yeah, some stuff about this movie, too. Following the gruesome lecture, your handsome hosts chat about recently-watched DVDs. You’ll never get rid of us, never get rid of us, never get rid of us…

What We’re Drinking | Val Lewton | The Body-Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson | Burke & Hare | Hey Is For Horse Haters | You’re Pretty, We Like You! | Tintin | Nazis: They Liked To Experiment | Because It’s Weird When James Brown Tells You Not To Do Drugs | Screw Mengele, Hobbs Is the Angel of Death! | Thriller (Hint: Not Michael Jackson’s) | Shirley Temple Got Hot | Boris Karloff | Robert Wise | Someone’s Hung Up on Hanged

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One thought on “TT46: The Body Snatcher

  1. Great to see you getting around to this very deserving film.

    I’ve always been impressed with the amount of menace Karloff packed into this performance. Whereas other actors would have to go around foaming at the mouth, I’m thinking here of DeNiro in Cape Fear, Karloff implies so much with just a change in the tone of his voice. I especially like the scene in which Daniell unburdens himself to Karloff in the tavern after he’s operated on the girl. The interplay between the two actors is just incredible to watch.

    If anyone is interested, Robert Wise discusses making the film in some detail on the Fearmakers Collection.

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