The smell of summer is in the air — and it carries with it the charming aroma of freshly burning Christian! Yes, it’s a barbecue of the blessed and you’re invited, so put on a scary animal mask and grab some mead because Matt and Jason will be sweetly singing you their commentary on the 1973 release of The Wicker Man. It is a pagan rite steeped in rich traditions, such as camel toes and bell bottoms, hare symbology, anti-Christianity, dirty British names, culture clashes, “low-hanging fruit” and other purely natural ingredients. So, fling off your clothes and dance around our perverse audio bonfire, whatever the hell THAT means!

What We’re Drinking This Episode | Ritual | Sacrifice | Bring Forth The Rascal | British Lion | Wicker Man: The Longer One | Bluto… SMASH! | Wicker Man: The Soundtrack | The Rabbit Done Died | Britt Ekland | “Song of Myself” (from Leaves of Grass) | Of Course, The Maypole’s Gay | Jason’s Hot For Teacher | The Wicker Tree | ATWA | Aubrey Morris as Mr. Deltoid | Walpurgis Night Fever | Glory Be Thy Hand | Don’t Ever Fall In Love With A… | The Coke Cult Sings! | Wicker Man: The Origin

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One thought on “TT44: The Wicker Man

  1. Thank You! I’ve been waiting for a horror podast to do The Wicker Man and I’m glad it was you guys because it deserves the attention and respect that you gave it. Great episode. I watch it every year and I just watched it a couple days ago and then BAM! I see this episode posted.

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