TT43: Friday The 13th Part 3

Growing up without a mother can be a painful experience. Particularly, if you eye-witness her decapitation. So, what’s a young man to do but put on a mask and kill all the neighbors! Over and over again. Sure, YOU could do that. Or you could put down the machete and listen to a soothing commentary from two men who know much about poor decision-making — and ’80s horror sequels such as the 1982 hack-n-slasher, Friday The 13th Part 3. Gain strength from the depravity of others as Matt and Jason clue you in on boobies in horror movies, gay porn allusions, the history of 3-D, the effects of bad beer on podcasters, and… hey, look, she’s reading Fango! Either way, it’ll give you something to scream about.

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4 thoughts on “TT43: Friday The 13th Part 3

  1. Ft13 Pt 3 may not have been a certain someone’s favourite episode, but that certainly didn’t stop you guys from putting on one hell of an enjoyable show! Really a fun change of pace for you guys as well. Great to see/listen that you aren’t afraid to go outside your cinematic comfort zones either.

    Now if only there were a horror podcast with the integrity and moral fibre to air a Whit Bissell retrospective………

  2. 1) This movie marks the last 3D movie I’d ever seen until last weekend when I saw Thor.

    2) While this is just…not a good film, it holds a special place in my heart.

    3) Robert W rocks it hard for joining me in wanting that Whit Bissell retrospective. Hey, if it goes well, can a Dwight Frye one be far behind? A series of the “other stars of horror”?

  3. The only other actor whom I felt ever achieved the same degree of scientific amorality as Bissell did in I Was A Teenage Werewolf/Frankenstein was Cushing in his Frankenstein films.

    Frye is a great choice for a retrospective. I’d also love to see a Lionel Atwill retrospective as well.

  4. Absolutely, Atwill would be great to learn more about and these guys could do a great job with it.

    Who else? Edward Van Sloan? Richard Denning?

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